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With the Big Ten bowl season now complete, below are a few quick quotes and notes on the 2010-11 Big Ten postseason.

Big Ten Post-Bowl Notes:
Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany's comments to ESPN.com on January 2
 "Whether it's in an individual contest or a conference contest, you test yourself against the best and you get measured"

"What it really comes down to is how you play big games against great opponents on big stages."

"You play the games because you don't know the outcomes, you play big games because they're more exciting than ones that are scripted, that you're supposed to win."

The Big Ten is 7-8 in bowl games over the last two seasons, including 3-1 in BCS games.

Six of those seven wins were over teams ranked among the top 15 in the BCS.

With a few bowls still to be played, the Big Ten has twice as many wins over top-15 BCS teams in the past two seasons as any other conference. In fact, all other conferences have combined to win six total bowls over BCS top-15 teams over the same time span.

The Big Ten concluded the 2010-11 bowl season with a 3-5 bowl record, including victories by Illinois (Texas Bowl over Baylor), Iowa (Insight Bowl over No. 12 Missouri) and No. 6 Ohio State (Sugar Bowl over No. 8 Arkansas).

The Big Ten has won 11 BCS games, the second-highest total among all conferences. With one BCS game to be played, the SEC leads all conferences with 14 BCS wins, followed by the Big Ten (11), Pac-10 (10), Big 12 (8) and Big East (6).

With a few bowl games still to be played, the Big Ten leads all conferences with six bowl wins over BCS top-15 teams in the last two seasons, followed by the SEC (3), Mountain West (1), Pac-10 (1) and WAC (1).

Big Ten wins over top-15 teams include four last season and two this season with Iowa's victory over No. 12 Missouri and Ohio State's triumph over No. 8 Arkansas. Only five teams will record wins over top-15 opponents this season.

The Big Ten has the longest active streak of any conference with at least one bowl win over the SEC in each of the last nine seasons and leads all conferences with 12 bowl wins over the SEC in that time span. The Big Ten is 12-13 against the SEC over the last nine seasons, followed by the ACC (7-9), Big 12 (4-13, with one more bowl this season) and Big East (2-1, with one more bowl this season).

Five of the Big Ten's eight bowl opponents this season were ranked among the top 21 in the final BCS poll, more than any other conference. The Pac-10 and SEC ranked second with four games against top-21 teams, followed by the ACC (three) and Mountain West (two).

ACC is 4-4 (3-3 vs. BCS-AQ teams; with one game still to be played)
Big East is 3-2 (2-2 vs. BCS-AQ teams; with one game still to be played)
Big Ten is 3-5 (3-4 vs. BCS-AQ teams)
Big 12 is 3-4 (3-4 vs. BCS-AQ teams; with one game still to be played)
Pac-10 is 2-1 (2-1 vs. BCS-AQ teams; with one game still to be played)
SEC is 3-4 (3-3 vs. BCS-AQ teams; with three games still to be played)

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