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The ITA released its first singles and doubles rankings of 2011, with 11 Big Ten men's student-athletes appearing in the singles top 125 and seven doubles pairs earning top-60 status. The complete breakdown of ranked Big Ten singles and doubles performers can be found below.


7. Blaz Rola, OSU
11. Dennis Nevolo, ILL
34. Matt Allare, OSU
35. Jason Jung, MICH
46. Devin McCarthy, OSU
63. Chase Buchanan, OSU
66. Nelson Vick, OSU
68. Peter Kobelt, OSU
111. Johnny Hamui, ILL
121. Abe Souza, ILL
124. Krisztian Krocsko, PUR


6. Chase Buchanan/Blaz Rola, OSU
19. Matt Allare/Peter Kobelt, OSU
20. Dennis Nevolo/Abe Souza, ILL
25. Balazs Novak/Devin McCarthy, OSU
28. Jason Jung/Evan King, MICH
37. Szymon Tatarczyk/Krisztian Krocsko, PUR
57. Matt Allare/Shuhei Uzawa, OSU

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