MTEN: In the (Individual) Polls

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Fifteen Big Ten men's tennis players and nine conference doubles pairs have been ranked nationally in the latest ITA rankings. The complete breakdown of ranked singles and doubles players can be found below.

3. Blaz Rola, OSU
9. Dennis Nevolo, ILL
14. Chase Buchanan, OSU
21. Evan King, MICH
41. Matt Allare, OSU
53. Devin McCarthy, OSU
57. Jason Jung, MICH
61. Abe Souza, ILL
66. Peter Kobelt, OSU
70. Marek Michalicka, WIS
95. Johnny Hamui, ILL
98. Balazs Novak, OSU
102. Nelson Vick, OSU
109. Josh MacTaggart, IND
119. Joshua Graves, NU

9. Chase Buchanan/Blaz Rola, OSU
13. Matt Allare/Peter Kobelt, OSU
19. Jason Jung/Evan King, MICH
39. Dennis Nevolo/Abe Souza, ILL
50. Santiago Gruter/Jeremy Langer, IND
60. Johnny Hamui/Abe Souza, ILL
77. Sebastian Gallego/Phillip Arndt, MINN
78. Billy Bertha/Marek Michalicka, WIS
81. Stephen Vogl/Josh MacTaggart, IND

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