WBB: From the Pros to College...

FrontofConseco.JPGThe moment the final buzzer sounded in last night's Indiana Pacers' 109-100 win over the Golden State Warriors, which was approximately 9:24 p.m. ET, the Conseco Fieldhouse staff was eager to show everyone the doors because they had to get to work.

The priority now became the Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament, which begins Thursday.  Big Ten Conference staff arrived at Conseco Fieldhouse Wednesday morning to see the tournament hardwood, freshly painted with the new conference logo, had already been installed.

What makes Conseco Fieldhouse such a first-class venue is the staff they have on board to handle all the diverse events that come to the building.  You wouldn't necessarily think that changing the venue from a professional basketball setup to a college basketball setup would take that long, but it does.

Courtney Howell, Associate Director of Event Production at Pacers Sports & Entertainment, has seen her share of Big Ten Tournaments.  Suffice to say, it is not her first rodeo, which by the way Conseco Fieldhouse also played host to the night after a Pacers game recently.  Think about the overnight change!

Howell noted that last night's Pacers-to-Big Ten conversion, which primarily consisted of the swapping of the courts, took eight hours with a crew of 25 people.

"We first worked on the court and the media seating that surrounds it," said Howell.  "We then moved our focus to the rooms and today is all indoor and outdoor signage."

In the picture above, you can see that around 1 p.m. ET today some of the Big Ten's interior signage has gone up, while some of the Pacers' exterior signage had yet to come down.

One thing is for sure, come Thursday there will be no doubt that Conseco Fieldhouse is the home of Big Ten Basketball for the next two weeks.

Except for next Tuesday, of course, when the Pacers host the Philadelphia 76ers and they have to do it all over again!