First week of Class

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For those of you that don't already know, The Ohio State University is somewhat late when starting their fall quarter. We started class TODAY Wednesday, Sept. 21. We are on the quarter system and will soon be switching to semesters. I for one love having an extra long summer instead of an extra long spring. We get to complete three football games before school even starts. This gives you some time to transition out of summer and into the grinding school year. The freshman moved in Sunday night as they flooded the streets in groups of ten.

The next day starts the school year in my opinion. The Monday before class always features freshman convocation. Enormous amounts of students pack St. John Arena to hear President Gee, guest speakers and the band fire them up to be a Buckeye. 

Front_convocation (1).jpg
Front_convocation (1).jpg

Later that day features the student involvement fair on the Oval. More than 500 student organizations pack the Oval to advertise their group and give away free things. This year the show was moved inside because of rain. The Ohio Union was packed!


The next day students packed the RPAC lawn to receive more free things from various restaurants around Columbus. The first Tuesday before class also shows off one of the best things about OSU and that is the free concerts. In my three years at Ohio State, they have provided to students many concerts for free including; Kings of Leon, Weezer, John Legend Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Kearny, Ludacris, Craig Morgan, Third Eye Blind, Super Mash Bros., Luke Bryan, Drake and Lupe Fiasco. This year the Welcome Week Concert was more of a throwback to our youth. Boys II Men and Smash Mouth showed off everything we loved about the 90s.



It was a great start to Welcome Week and it all concludes with the game on Saturday. Can't wait to show you a game day at The Ohio State University.


Hope to see you at soccer in a few minutes and don't forget to follow on twitter @B1GMobiletour!

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