Mobile Tour: Honoring Legends - The Boilermaker Special

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Most people assume that the Boilermaker (the person) or Purdue Pete is the mascot at Purdue. Heck, some students and alumni might even think this. However, the die-hards are all well aware of what the real mascot of Purdue is. 

The Boilermaker Special is Purdue's official mascot. This behemoth is a locomotive replica that is street legal. It is driven and managed by the Purdue Reamer Club. Infamous for it's loud horns, bells and whistles, the Boilermaker Special often offers free rides to those looking for a heavy dose of Purdue pride. 

Enough of my affectionate blabbering about the Boiler locomotive. Let's allow the President, Thomas Bucher, introduce you to this very special Purdue legend: 

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