Mobile Tour: Purdue Gameday - Morning Recap

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Whoa, what a morning. It featured Ninja Turtles, Santa Clause, pancakes, a Rambling Band and a ton of diehard Boilermakers. 

I thought I would provide some photo evidence for you to enjoy while you prepare for the game. First let's take a look back at Breakfast Club:

The only thing missing was the theme music for these pac-man enthusiasts.

These "sisters" think it's Sunday...Shame on them. 
These guys just wandered over from the nursing home. 

After Breakfast Club (which actually doesn't feature breakfast) I had worked up an appetite and headed over to the annual Family Day Pancake Breakfast. 

Precision pancake pouring. Who wants some pancakes, actually who wants A LOT of pancakes?

The famous Cary Quad that has housed thousands of Boilermakers was between the Pancake Breakfast and my next stop...

Thrill on the Hill with the All-American Marching Band and the B1G RV. What a scene...if that doesn't get you fired up, I don't know what will. 

Purdue Pete even stopped by for his Photo Op with the Stagg-Paterno Championship Trophy.  That wraps up my morning. Looking forward to the game. Visit my Purdue Gameday Blog for all the information you could ever want, including a prediction that will surely be completely wrong. Follow @B1GMobileTour on twitter for in-game updates and interactions. 

Until next time...Ever Grateful, Ever True. Boiler Up, Hammer Down and Hail Purdue!

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