Twas the day before Gameday

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Up before the sun on our 2nd day here in Iowa City to attend one of Iowa's longstanding home game weekend traditions - the I-Club breakfast! That's right, every home game some of the Hawkeyes' most faithful fans and gracious donors gather at 6 a.m. to bid Iowa good luck against whichever team they face that weekend. This week, bring on the Wildcats of Northwestern!

Among other notable guests, head football coach Kirk Ferentz attended the event and gave a compelling speech discussing his squad's preparation for Saturday.

With a little help from Herky the Hawk, Iowa's spirit squad, and the marching band, guests got a little pick-me-up as they rallied together to sing Iowa's favorite tune - the fight song! It's never too early to show your Hawkeye pride.


We showcased the championship trophy, which sparkled next to the main table and attracted a lot of attention. Anxious expressions radiated from the front to the back of the room as wide-eyed Hawkeye faithfuls stared longingly at the hardware that they can hopefully claim as their own in the near future!

Men's basketball coach Fran McCaffery also spoke on behalf of his new and improved 2011 squad and reminded us that Iowa isn't only about football. 


The second-year head coach noted his tight-knit relationship with Coach Ferentz and other Iowa athletic department leaders, and thanked them for graciously welcoming him into the Hawkeye family over the last year. Can't beat that Iowa hospitality!

The sun was just rising over downtown Iowa City as the breakfast concluded and the crowd broke up to begin their busy home game weekends. Luckily tomorrow's game isn't until 6 p.m. so we can sleep in a little bit before the tailgate festivities! 

As for the B1G Ten crew, we finished up day two at Hubbard Park see more students, and then headed downtown to Iowa City's Pedestrian Mall to introduce Mr. Stagg-Paterno (the trophy, not the people!) to the rest of the Iowa City community. Since Hawkeye pride extends well beyond the walls of our university buildings, it's important to include all our loyal supporters in the home game traditions and celebrations.


 Football weekends in Iowa City bring in Hawkeye fans young and old, near and far, and Kinnick stadium, when filled to its 70,585 person-capacity, is Iowa's third most populated place in the state! Hopefully, this means we can meet and greet as many Hawkeyes as possible this weekend, and get them excited about their placement in the LEADERS division! Until tomorrow, GO HAWKS 

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