Nebraska Legends: The Tunnel Walk

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What a game--It was the biggest comeback in Nebraska football history. I'll leave it at that. Look for a game recap tomorrow morning! Let's get to the Legendary stuff. 

Many schools across the NCAA have a special tradition for when their football team takes the field. At Nebraska, it's The Tunnel Walk. 

The Tunnel Walk, set to the tune of "Sirius" by the Alan Parsons Project, begins with a special pump-up video created by HuskerVision (each season features its own unique video). Meanwhile, the players begin their journey to the field as they leave the locker room behind Head Coach Bo Pelini. As they progress down the hall, players reach up their hands to tap the lucky horseshoe that hangs in the doorway of North Stadium.

The players walk down a winding red turf path underneath the stadium, with fans lining the walkway and cheering them on. The Huskers take to the HuskerVision screen and the crowd of 85,000 roars to cheer them on as they enter onto the field.

The Tunnel Walk is difficult to explain but electrifying to experience. Enjoy the video I took tonight of tonight's Tunnel Walk below!

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