Big Ten Bowl Notes

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Big Ten teams have traditionally faced tough competition in bowl games and have had success against some of the nation's best. In fact, seven of the Big Ten's 10 bowl wins over the last three years have come against teams ranked in the top 16 of the BCS standings.

Over the past three seasons, the Big Ten has faced 12 teams ranked among the BCS top 16, which is more than any other conference. The SEC will have played 10 top-16 teams, followed by the Pac-12 (9), ACC (5) and Big 12 (4).

There will only be 20 wins over BCS top-16 teams in the past three years, with seven of those wins by Big Ten teams. The Big Ten leads all conferences with seven top-16 wins, while the SEC ranks second, and will have from four to six at the end of the season. No other conference will have more than two top-16 wins in the last three years.

The Big Ten's seven BCS top-16 wins have come from six different programs with Iowa claiming two wins. The Hawkeyes defeated No. 9 Georgia Tech in 2009, while Ohio State knocked off No. 7 Oregon, Penn State defeated No. 12 LSU and Wisconsin triumphed over No. 15 Miami (Fla.) that same season. Iowa also defeated No. 12 Missouri in 2010. This season, Michigan State beat No. 16 Georgia and Michigan won over No. 11 Virginia Tech.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Check back tomorrow for more information on the Big Ten in bowl competition.

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