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Ten Big Ten men's tennis teams appear in the latest Campbell's/ITA National Rankings, released on Thursday. Ohio State leads conference squads in the poll, coming in at No. 5. No. 22 Michigan, No. 26 Illinois, No. 35 Minnesota, No. 36 Northwestern and No. 43 Michigan State also rank in the top 50. Indiana checks in at No. 55, followed by No. 60 Wisconsin and No. 62 Purdue. Nebraska rounds out conference teams in the poll at No. 67.

Individually, 12 Big Ten men's tennis players and 10 doubles pairs have been ranked nationally in the ITA poll. The complete list of Big Ten singles and doubles players can be found below. 

8. Peter Kobelt, OSU
12. Blaz Rola, OSU
13. Evan King, MICH
32. Jared Hiltzik, ILL
53. Rok Bonin, MINN
71. Connor Smith, OSU
73. Devin McCarthy, OSU
83. Leandro Toledo, MINN
87. Raleigh Smith, NU
104. Chris Diaz, OSU
113. Aaron Pfister, MSU
125. Vlad Stefan, MICH

12. Peter Kobelt/Connor Smith, OSU
16. Tim Kopinski/Ross Guignon, ILL
23. Sam Monette/Isade Juneau, IND
40. Evan King/Shaun Bernstein, MICH
50. Blaz Rola/Kevin Metka, OSU
55. Szymon Tatarczky/Krisztian Krocsko, PUR 
57. Alex Buzzi/Evan King, MICH
66. Josh MacTaggart/Isade Juneau, IND
71. Alex Kostanov/Billy Bertha, WIS
75. Tim Kopinski/Farris Gosea, ILL
Jared Hiltzik/Alex Jesse, ILL

For the complete polls, click here.

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