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Ten Big Ten men's tennis teams appear in the latest ITA College Tennis Rankings, released on Tuesday. Ohio State, which clinched the outright Big Ten Championship last Friday, claimed the No. 2 spot this week. Illinois (No. 12) and Penn State (No. 24) joined Ohio State in the top 25, followed by Northwestern (No. 32), Purdue (No. 34) and Michigan (No. 43) in the top 50. Minnesota checks in at No. 55, with Michigan State (No. 61), Indiana (No. 67) and Nebraska (No. 69) also within the top 70.

Individually, 15 Big Ten men's tennis players and 10 doubles pairs have been ranked nationally in the ITA poll. The complete list of Big Ten singles and doubles players can be found below.

7. Peter Kobelt, OSU
8. Jared Hiltzik, ILL
17. Farris Gosea, ILL
37. Leonard Stakhovsky, PSU
42. Leandro Toledo, MINN
46. Raleigh Smith, NU
56. Tim Kopinski, ILL
97. Herkko Pollanen, OSU
110. Dusty Boyer, NEB
111. Alex Petrone, MICH
113. Sam Monette, IND
117. Oskar Wikberg, WIS
120. Sam Shropshire, NU
123. Hunter Callahan, OSU
124. Jonas Dierckx, IOWA

4. Peter Kobelt/Kevin Metka, OSU
5. Tim Kopinski/Ross Guignon, ILL
27. Mathieu Froment/Jack Hamburg, MINN
28. Mihir Kumar/Raleigh Smith, NU
32. Barrett Franks/Alex Buzzi, MICH
33. Russell Bader/Leonard Stakhovsky, PSU
53. Sam Monette/Daniel Bednarczyk, IND
57. Peter Kobelt/Ralf Steinbach, OSU
73. Ricky Medinilla/Szymon Tatarczyk, PUR
90. Farris Gosea/Alex Jesse, ILL

For the complete polls, click here.

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