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First week of Class

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For those of you that don't already know, The Ohio State University is somewhat late when starting their fall quarter. We started class TODAY Wednesday, Sept. 21. We are on the quarter system and will soon be switching to semesters. I for one love having an extra long summer instead of an extra long spring. We get to complete three football games before school even starts. This gives you some time to transition out of summer and into the grinding school year. The freshman moved in Sunday night as they flooded the streets in groups of ten.

The next day starts the school year in my opinion. The Monday before class always features freshman convocation. Enormous amounts of students pack St. John Arena to hear President Gee, guest speakers and the band fire them up to be a Buckeye. 

Front_convocation (1).jpg
Front_convocation (1).jpg

Later that day features the student involvement fair on the Oval. More than 500 student organizations pack the Oval to advertise their group and give away free things. This year the show was moved inside because of rain. The Ohio Union was packed!


The next day students packed the RPAC lawn to receive more free things from various restaurants around Columbus. The first Tuesday before class also shows off one of the best things about OSU and that is the free concerts. In my three years at Ohio State, they have provided to students many concerts for free including; Kings of Leon, Weezer, John Legend Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Kearny, Ludacris, Craig Morgan, Third Eye Blind, Super Mash Bros., Luke Bryan, Drake and Lupe Fiasco. This year the Welcome Week Concert was more of a throwback to our youth. Boys II Men and Smash Mouth showed off everything we loved about the 90s.



It was a great start to Welcome Week and it all concludes with the game on Saturday. Can't wait to show you a game day at The Ohio State University.


Hope to see you at soccer in a few minutes and don't forget to follow on twitter @B1GMobiletour!

Welcome to THE Ohio State University

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THE Ohio State University. All of Big Ten country knows that THE has to come before Ohio State University. Most think it's a sign of arrogance that comes out of Ohio State students and graduates, most think the scarlet and gray are brainwashed to think that Ohio State is better than any university in the Big Ten or even the country. 

The truth is that we are not brainwashed, we don't use it as a sign of arrogance. We see it as a sign of pride, a sign that we are downright proud to call ourselves Buckeyes and represent the great state of Ohio.To tell you a bit about myself, I was raised in a college football world. I knew that I was going to choose my school based on football. As sad as that is, I believe that most Buckeyes were influenced to come to Columbus because of Saturdays in the fall.

To say that I am blogging on Colorado weekend is ironic is a bit of an understatement. Colorado is close to my heart as it is my second favorite college football team. My grandfather/best friend 's brother is Bill McCartney. For those of you that don't know who that is; he won a national championship in the 1990-1991 season as head coach of the Buffaloes. He also served as the defensive coordinator for MICHIGAN from 1974-1981. It's safe to say that my entire family roots for the Buffaloes and the state up north. This was a struggle for me growing up as I wanted to go to Columbus, I loved everything about the tradition of game days and the teams that I watched growing up.  To make a long story short my dream was to come to Ohio State and work with anything sports. My dream is coming true.

I am not going to say that it is hard being an Ohio State fan lately. We have won 6-1=5 strait Big Ten Football Championships. We have had bragging rights over Michigan for 7-6=1 of years. Everybody knows this because every Wal-Mart Buckeye fan brags about it every chance they get. This is where the arrogance of THE Ohio State University stems from.

I want to tell you what a true Buckeye feels when he says THE Ohio State University. Pride stemming from people, tradition and excellence. Through my blogging/tweeting/videos I hope to show you what it's like to have pride in your school.

Here is the schedule for the Big Ten Mobile Tour at Ohio State.

Wednesday, September 21

6 - 7:30 p.m. ET

Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium

Men's soccer vs. Louisville at 7 p.m.


Thursday, September 22

11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET

Fawcett Event Center

Luke Fickell Call-In Show


2:30 - 5:30 p.m. ET

RPAC Fitness Center


Friday, September 23

11 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET

Schottenstein Center


Saturday, September 24

10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

South of Ohio Stadium, outside St. John Arena


Mobile Tour: Next Man Up

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Ohio State's Jake Demyan is taking over the Honoring Legends. Building Leaders. Mobile Tour blog, Twitter account and YouTube page through Saturday while the tour is in Columbus.

Learn more about Jake by watching his introductory video HERE and by reading his intro below:

"Hello to the Big Ten and Buckeye lovers/haters everywhere across Big Ten country. First off I would like to say that my name is Jake Demyan and I am going to be the blogger representing The Ohio State University.
"I am a proud Buckeye that represents everything Ohio State. I am from Grafton, Ohio, a small town about 30 minutes from Cleveland. But I go to school at The Ohio State University in the great city of Columbus, Ohio. I am in my last (tear) year as a strategic communications at Ohio State. My life has revolved around the Buckeyes ever since I can remember.
"In my blogs I am hope to introduce you to everything that makes Columbus and Ohio State one of the greatest college experiences in the world. The Big Ten Mobile Tour will be well represented in Buckeye City."

You're up, Jake!

Mobile Tour: This Weekend's Schedule

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The Big Ten's Honoring Legends. Building Leaders. Mobile Tour comes to Ohio State on Wednesday! View the complete schedule below, and follow on Twitter @B1GMobileTour for more information!

Wednesday, September 21
6 - 7:30 p.m. ET
Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium
Men's Soccer vs. Louisville at 7 p.m.

Thursday, September 22
11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET
Fawcett Event Center
Luke Fickell Call-In Show

2:30 - 5:30 p.m. ET
RPAC Fitness Center

Friday, September 23
11 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET
Schottenstein Center

Saturday, September 24
10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
South of Ohio Stadium, outside St. John Arena

Mobile Tour: The Show Goes On

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Purdue's Jonathan Gandolf did a great job reporting on the Big Ten's Honoring Legends. Building Leaders. Mobile Tour during its stop in West Lafayette!

Remember to follow the tour all season long on this blog and on Twitter @B1GMobileTour and vote for your favorite reporter at the end of the season. The winning student will get a trip to the Big Ten Football Championship Game or a Big Ten bowl game of their choice!

Next stop: Ohio State

Mobile Tour: Looking Forward & Thank You!

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This is an exciting time for the Big Ten and this season marks a whole new chapter for this prestigious conference. While other conferences seem to be imploding every week (I'm looking at you Syracuse and Pitt), the Big Ten seems to be content with the current 12 team structure. I think every school is happy to be part of the conference (I'm looking at you Texas A&M) and 12 seems to be the right amount of teams, not too many not too few...perfect. Now I am not an expert and I am using a blog that is sponsored by the conference and I have absolutely no inside information (if this entry gets pulled in 10 minutes, something is up!). 

This football season marks an exciting change in the history of the Big Ten. We will have our first ever Big Ten Championship Game. Something that has seemed to be missing in the past. The "Road To Indy" is going to be extremely exciting and refreshing for the Leaders and the Legends. Personally, I can't wait to see it play out. Every game's importance is now magnified. 

For Purdue, I still don't know what to expect out of this season (how do you like that expert analysis?). We have looked awful (see: Rice game) and we have looked very good (see: SEMO game). Now, we have a bye week before we put on our big boy pants and go eat at the adults table. 

Notre Dame, you're next. Purdue has a bye week while the Irish play at Pitt (Advantage: Purdue). This game is pivotal for both teams. Purdue could rectify a bad loss (Rice) with a win at home under the lights versus ND. Notre Dame may be facing a must-win versus what they feel is an overmatched opponent. 

This is a sneaky good college football rivalry. The geographic locations of the schools lead to overlapping fan bases that always seem to be at each others' necks. Purdue and Notre Dame have played in some classic games and this could fit that billing. If it is anything like the last game that these two played in Ross-Ade, set the DVR

So I promised a prediction and I don't want to break that (Do I have to?).

My absurd-uninformed-unprepared-ill-advised-premature-foolish-prediction: ...wait for it...

Purdue 31 - ND 30

Hey, cut me some slack. I'm a Boilermaker and this is a B1G blog, what'd you expect? Purdue will have two weeks to prepare while ND will most likely be coming off a tough game at Pitt. The atmosphere at Ross-Ade should be a good one and Purdue seems to like the big stage. 

My Purdue season prediction. I say Purdue finishes 6-6 with wins over Middle Tennessee, SEMO, ND, Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana. 

I just provided bulletin board material for the bloggers who will be following me. Take that and run with it. 

More than anything, this is going to be a great B1G Ten Season and I am glad was able to be a part of it. 


Again, this was an outstanding opportunity and I am truly honored that I could be a part of it. I owe so many people so much. I am proud to be a Boilermaker and Purdue has given me so many opportunities that I just simply wouldn't be able to have elsewhere. It was an extremely busy week but I had an absolute blast. 

Thank you to everybody who followed along, everybody who supported me and everybody who made this tour possible. I am sure the other bloggers will come behind me and build off of what hopefully myself and Caitlin have laid the foundation for. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with their opportunity (I sure would appreciate your vote though!). 

Hail, Hail to Old Purdue! 
All hail to our old gold and black! 
Hail, Hail to Old Purdue! 
Our friendship may she never lack, 
Ever grateful, ever true, 
Thus we raise our song anew, 
Of the days we've spent with you 
All hail our own Purdue. 

Ever Grateful, Ever True. Boiler Up, Hammer Down and Hail Purdue!

Mobile Tour: Purdue Tradition - Shout!

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"Now get on your feet, it's time to SHOUT."

Every home football game no matter the opponent or the score, you can count on those words between the third and fourth quarter in Ross-Ade Stadium. And with those simple words, students, fans, alumni, band members, even the players all go crazy. 

For those two or three minutes, we all get to act as one. It may sound simple, stupid or corny but it's true. Fans are often divided on coaching decisions, players, or the outcomes of games but isn't it crazy how a silly song can rally everybody together. 

Every weekend a different Purdue Legend is responsible for waving the flag outside of the pressbox and leading the stadium in shouting. It's a unique tradition but one that we love. 

This week it was Adam Soldati the Purdue diving coach. You might be thinking, "Who?!" But his list of career accomplishments is crazy long and it's only getting longer. Most recently, he was responsible for coach David Boudia who finished his career with six national championships. 

With that, I ask you to get on your feet, it's time to shout! (Okay, I'll settle for just sitting back and watching the video): 

According to Meriam-Webster cactus is defined as, "any of a family (Cactaceae, the cactus family) of plants that have succulent stems and branches with scales or spines instead of leaves and are found especially in dry areas (as deserts)."

According to the Purdue student body Cactus is your Thursday night plans. Cactus has been turned into a verb. "Are you Cactus-ing?" has turned into a common question between Boilermaker students.

So what is this Cactus thing we are all talking about? It's called the Neon Cactus's awesome. Every Thursday night, hundreds of Purdue students make the walk down the hill to the levee to visit The Neon Cactus.

Whether you go for the Piano bar, the dance floor or the economically priced beverages, it is sure to be a good time. The Piano bar has turned into a Thursday night requirement for many students. A big part of the atmosphere and environment is Bruce the Piano Man or more simply, Bruuuuuce.

Whether he's serenading the crowd with his rendition of Elton John's "Rocket Man" or the foot-stompin' "Wagon Wheel" (my personal favorite) by the Old Crow Medicine Show, one thing is for certain - he and you are having a good time.

I decided to join Bruce on the party side (Boilers will understand) and find out what keeps the Piano Man in tune.

Q: How did you learn to play the piano?

Growing up, I always considered my voice my instrument and I had a pretty good voice but I knew it wouldn't last forever. I wanted to learn an instrument. I tried to learn guitar but I just couldn't get my fingers to work the way they needed to.

I was 19 years old and in college. I went down to the piano in my residence hall with a walkman and spent 7 or 8 hours listening to a song and trying to learn how to play it. I did it. It was all by ear. Throughout the day people would walk by and say, "hey, I know that song." Those little pieces of encouragement sort of kept me going.

Q: Is that still how you learn to play?

Yeah, I can't actually read music. The bass and treble clef don't mean anything to me. If you tell me to play an A Chord, I can do that but in terms of reading the actual music, I can't do that.

The last song I learned was Forget You by Cee Lo Green. I've gotten significantly faster at it. I probably had that song the second or third time through and it probably only took me two or three hours total.

Not to get too spiritual on you or anything but God has given me a gift to be able to do that and I am just trying to make the most of it.

Q: You grew up in Lafayette, attended Purdue and now live in the area. Safe to say you're a die-hard Boilermaker?

Oh yeah. I love Purdue. I was hired to work down at IU for a couple of months and I don't absolutely hate IU or anything but it was like I was behind enemy lines down there. I loved the people and loved the venue, I just couldn't get into it - it didn't feel right.

And again, that's not anything against IU that is just a result of how much I love Purdue. I bleed black and gold.

Q: What's your favorite memory from college?

I have so many great memories from college. It took me 14 semesters (7 years) so I had a lot of time to make memories.

First and foremost, I was in Glee Club and got to travel the world with that organization. We performed in places like the Sydney Opera House and Westminster Abbey. It was absolutely incredible. Westminster Abbey was just an absolutely incredible experience. The sound and magnitude of it all was almost moving.

The other one more specific to Purdue is the Naked Olympics that used to happen at the Cary Quad. The coldest day of the year, a bunch of the residents would strip down and go run outside around the quad. It's an all male dorm so use your imagination there. We all had a little bit of encouragement but more than anything, nobody had a care in the world. We were just a bunch of college kids doing something crazy.

Oh and as a freshman my roommate and I ate Domino's 27 nights in a row. 

Q: What's your favorite memory from your time as the pianoman?

I don't know if it is just because we celebrated the ten year anniversary but I would have to say the first Thursday after 9/11/01. The attacks happened early Tuesday morning and for two days all anybody did was sit in front of a TV and watch the terrible news. It was obviously a very dark time for America. I remember thinking that I didn't even want to go in and play that night. I didn't think anybody was going to be there and I wasn't sure if I would be able to entertain those that were there.

That night was incredible. It was packed and I think everybody was ready to be together. It didn't have anything to do with the drinking. People just wanted to be with each other and do something together. All they could do was sing and dance but they could control that. They could sing as loud as they wanted and it was like weight was being lifted off their shoulders.

I think I played God Bless America four times that night and I never play a song twice in one night. I laughed that night and I cried that night. It's a memory that will always stick with me.

I also met my wife in the Piano Bar. I remember it so vividly. I know the exact seat she sat in. She was wearing a grey hoodie with her hair pulled back and didn't have any makeup on but she was beautiful and I knew it was meant to be. I put the full court press on her that night. And here we are two kids later and still happily married. 

Q: You will be a part of a lot of students' favorite memory when they look back at their college years. What does that mean to you?

I can't put it into words. I really wish there were some way I could say thank you to everybody. I think they polled the graduating students a couple of years ago and I was something like their third favorite memory from college. That means so much. To be able to do this as a living is just such a blessing. I'm so grateful and just wish I could give back what everybody's support has meant to me. I just can't put it into words. 

Q: Most people only see you play once a week, but can you talk about the preparation that goes into making sure you know all of the songs and are entertaining every week?

It's just like training if you were an athlete. I have to do things to protect my voice. I drink a lot of room temperature water and really try to rest my vocal chords during the week. I play Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week. As I have gotten a little older it is taking me longer and longer to get my voice back every week. It use to be Tuesday before I got it back and now it's moving later into Wednesday. I just have to be smart about it. I can't yell at my kids, which they like. 

Q: What's your pet peeve inside the piano bar?

Cell phones. They used to be these huge block things that really messed with our sound system. Now, some people can get away with it but I still like to give some others a hard time.

I know that not everybody who comes to watch the show is going to be entertained and that's okay. I just want to have 6, 7, or 8 out of every 10 new people enjoy the show. I know if we do that, we'll grow. I've been doing this 16 years and I think we've been able to do that. It's continued to grow and that's something I am really proud of.


Well, there you have it folks. It's hard to translate the passion and emotion that Bruce displayed in the interview through a blog but let me assure you that he appreciates all of the people that have came and listened and those that continue to. Purdue is lucky to have him and he feels lucky to have us.

Watch Bruce perform Hail Purdue: 

Boiler Up!

Mobile Tour: Honoring Legends - The Boilermaker Special

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Most people assume that the Boilermaker (the person) or Purdue Pete is the mascot at Purdue. Heck, some students and alumni might even think this. However, the die-hards are all well aware of what the real mascot of Purdue is. 

The Boilermaker Special is Purdue's official mascot. This behemoth is a locomotive replica that is street legal. It is driven and managed by the Purdue Reamer Club. Infamous for it's loud horns, bells and whistles, the Boilermaker Special often offers free rides to those looking for a heavy dose of Purdue pride. 

Enough of my affectionate blabbering about the Boiler locomotive. Let's allow the President, Thomas Bucher, introduce you to this very special Purdue legend: 

Mobile Tour: Building Leaders - Dennis Kelly

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Offensive tackles sometimes get stereotyped as big, slow immovable objects. Not Dennis Kelly. This mountain of a man stands at 6'8" and 300+ lbs. but he is just about as athletic as they come. The Chicago Heights-native played basketball in high school and has even been spotted in tennis class this semester.

The left tackle spot on the O-line is often the most important. Protecting the quarterback's blindside is an important responsibility. This is Kelly's third year starting at that spot. With the right combination of speed and power, Kelly is a D-lineman's worst nightmare.

Although he may look intimidating and be scary to line up across from on gameday, Kelly is one of the nicest people you'll meet. To learn more about this NFL prospect I hopped on my step stool and asked him about his thoughts on leadership.