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Monday's Softball Schedule

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Iowa and Wisconsin will both be in action on Monday, with the Hawkeyes looking to capture a series win at Texas and the Badgers taking on host Louisville in an afternoon doubleheader.

Monday, March 17
Wisconsin at Louisville (DH), Noon
Iowa at Texas, 8 p.m.

All times Eastern

Saturday's Softball Results

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Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio State each posted a pair of wins on Saturday's Big Ten softball slate.

Saturday, March 15
North Dakota State 7, Illinois 4 (Fighting Illini Classic)
Illinois 6, Nebraska-Omaha 1 (Fighting Illini Classic)
Indiana 6, Wright State 1 (Hoosier Classic)
UIC 10, Indiana 9 (Hoosier Classic)
Texas 9, Iowa 1 (5 innings)
Michigan 12, Kent State 4 [6 innings] (Class Act Federal Credit Union Classic)
Michigan 9, Louisville 1 (Class Act Federal Credit Union Classic)
UIC 4, Michigan State 3 (Hoosier Classic)
Michigan State 6, Toledo 5 (10 innings)
Minnesota 2, Troy 0 (Chanticleer Showdown)
Minnesota 2, Coastal Carolina (Chanticleer Showdown)
Nebraska 10, Northern Illinois 2 (6 innings) (Jayhawk Invitational)
Nebraska 1, Kansas 0 (Jayhawk Invitational)
Ohio State 4, Pacific 1 (Fresno State Classic)
Ohio State 5, St. Mary's 0 (Fresno State Classic)
Wagner 4, Penn State 2 (Michele Smith Spring Break Tournament)
Penn State 5, Yale 0 (Michele Smith Spring Break Tournament)
Purdue 10, Quinnipiac 2 (USF Invitational)
Baylor 5, Purdue 4 (USF Invitational)
Kent State 5, Wisconsin 2 (Louisville Classic)
Wisconsin 6, Iowa State 3 (Louisville Classic)

Friday's Softball Results

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Friday, March 14
Illinois 13, Western Michigan 1 (5 innings) (Fighting Illini Classic)
Indiana 4, Illinois-Chicago 1 (Hoosier Classic)
Indiana 5, Toledo 2 (Hoosier Classic)
Minnesota 7, Georgia State 0 (Chanticleer Showdown)
Nebraska 8, Jackson State 0 (Jayhawk Invitational)
Ohio State 5, Cal Poly 0 (Fresno State Classic)
Fresno State 3, Ohio State 1 (Fresno State Classic)
Central Connecticut State 1, Penn State 0 (USF Invitational)
Rutgers 4, Penn State 3 (USF Invitational)
Purdue 2, Central Michigan 0 (USF Invitational)
Bryant University 6, Purdue 4 (USF Invitational)

Friday's Softball Schedule

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Friday's Big Ten softball schedule features 11 games, including Illinois and Indiana opening their home slate.

Friday, March 14

Minnesota vs. Georgia State (Chanticleer Showdown), 11 a.m. ET
Nebraska vs. Jackson State (Jayhawk Invitational), 11:30 a.m. ET
Indiana vs. Illinois-Chicago (Hoosier Classic), 1:45 p.m. ET
Purdue vs. Central Michigan (USF Invitational), 2:15 p.m. ET
Indiana vs. Toledo (Hoosier Classic), 4 p.m. ET
Ohio State vs. Cal Poly (Fresno State Classic), 4:30 p.m. ET
Penn State vs. Rutgers (USF Invitational), 4:30 p.m. ET
Purdue vs. Bryant University (USF Invitational), 4:30 p.m. ET
Illinois vs. North Dakota State (Fighting Illini Classic), 6 p.m. ET
Penn State vs. Central Connecticut State (USF Invitational), 6:45 p.m. ET
Ohio State at Fresno State (Fresno State Classic), 9 p.m. ET

All times Eastern
Rankings are USA Softball/NFCA Coaches

Ohio State Comes Up Short at Cal

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Wednesday, March 12
California 2, Ohio State 1

Big Ten Softball in the Polls

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The Softball and USA Today/NFCA Coaches top 25 polls were released on Tuesday, and Big Ten softball was well-represented with four teams among the top 25 of both national polls.

In the USA Softball poll, Michigan was ranked No. 7, followed by No. 14 Nebraska and No. 21 Minnesota. In the coaches' ballot, Michigan was ranked No. 8, followed by No. 17 Nebraska, No. 18 Minnesota and No. 25 Northwestern. Northwestern also received votes in both national polls for the second consecutive week.

Sunday's Softball Results

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Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State and Wisconsin all posted wins on Sunday's Big Ten softball slate.

Sunday, March 9
Illinois 2, Hofstra 0 (Florida Atlantic Tournament)
Indiana 3, Valparaiso 1 (Spring Hill Suites Invitational)
#15/14 South Alabama 5, Illinois 2 (Florida Atlantic Tournament)
Drake 6, #20/17 Minnesota 2 (Mizuno Classic)
Fresno State 1, #14/16 Nebraska 0 (Judi Garman Classic)
Boston College 4, Northwestern 3 (USF Showcase)
Ohio State 9, Massachusetts 7 (Red and Black Classic)
Louisville 11, Ohio State 5 (Red and Black Classic)
#19/18 Georgia 3, Purdue 2 (Georgia Softball Classic)
Wisconsin 4, Cal State Fullerton 1 (Judi Garman Classic)

All times Eastern
Rankings are USA Softball/NFCA Coaches

Sunday's Softball Schedule

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Sunday, March 9 
Northwestern vs. Boston College (USF Showcase) - 8:30 a.m. ET
Illinois vs. #15/14 South Alabama (Florida Atlantic Tournament) - 10 a.m. ET
Ohio State vs. Massachusetts (Red and Black Classic) - 10 a.m. ET
#20/17 Minnesota vs. Drake (Mizuno Classic) - 11 a.m. ET
Purdue at #19/18 Georgia (Georgia Softball Classic) - 11:30 a.m. ET
Indiana vs. Valparaiso (Spring Hill Suites Invitational) - Noon ET
#14/16 Nebraska vs. Fresno State (Judi Garman Classic) - Noon ET
Wisconsin at Cal State Fullerton (Judi Garman Classic) - Noon ET
Illinois vs. Hofstra (Florida Atlantic Tournament) - 12:15 p.m. ET
Ohio State at Louisville (Red and Black Classic) - 3 p.m. ET

All times Eastern
Rankings are USA Softball/NFCA Coaches

Saturday's Softball Results

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The Big Ten posted 10 wins on Saturday, including Nebraska defeating top 10 foe Washington, and Michigan beating Texas.

Saturday, March 8
Florida Atlantic 8, Illinois 4
#14/14 South Alabama 5, Illinois 3 (Florida Atlantic Tournament)
Indiana 5, Weber State 1 (Spring Hill Suites Invitational)
Indiana at Boise State (Spring Hill Suites Invitational): POSTPONED (DARKNESS)
#4/5 Michigan 3, Texas 1
Michigan State 1, Hofstra 0 (Florida Atlantic Tournament)
Virginia Tech 9, Michigan State 1 (Florida Atlantic Tournament)
#14/16 Nebraska 9, Cal-State Fullerton 2
#14/16 Nebraska 2, #6/6 Washington 1 (Judi Garman Classic)
Northwestern 10, LIU Brooklyn 0 [5 INNINGS] (USF Under Armour Showcase)
Northwestern 5, Western Michigan 0 (USF Under Armour Showcase)
Ohio State 6, Illinois State 5 (Red and Black Classic)
Purdue 1, Tennessee Tech 0 (Georgia Softball Classic)
#19/18 Georgia 6, Purdue 1
#7/10 Arizona State 9, Wisconsin 1 [5 INNINGS] (Judi Garman Classic)
Wisconsin 5, Long Beach State 0 (Judi Garman Classic)

Rankings are AP/USA Today Coaches

Saturday's Softball Schedule

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Saturday's Big Ten softball slate includes 16 contests in various tournaments across the country.

Saturday, March 8
Michigan State vs. Hofstra (Florida Atlantic Tournament), 9 a.m.
Purdue vs. Tennessee Tech (Georgia Softball Classic), 10 a.m.
Michigan State vs. Virginia Tech (Florida Atlantic Tournament), 11:15 a.m.
Michigan at Texas, 1 p.m.
Northwestern vs. LIU Brooklyn (USF Under Armour Showcase), 1:45 p.m.
Indiana vs. Weber State (Spring Hill Suites Invitational), 2 p.m.
Ohio State vs. Illinois State (Red and Black Classic), 2:30 p.m.
Purdue at Georgia, 3 p.m.
Nebraska at Cal-State Fullerton, 3:30 p.m.
Wisconsin vs. Arizona State (Judi Garman Classic), 3:30 p.m.
Illinois vs. South Alabama (Florida Atlantic Tournament), 3:45 p.m.
Northwestern vs. Western Michigan (USF Under Armour Showcase), 4 p.m.
Indiana at Boise State (Spring Hill Suites Invitational), 6 p.m.
Wisconsin vs. Long Beach State (Judi Garman Classic), 6 p.m.
Illinois at Florida Atlantic, 8:15 p.m.
Nebraska vs. Washington (Judi Garman Classic), 8:30 p.m.

All times Eastern
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