Celebrating Black History Month

George Taliaferro
When Your Word is Your Bond, and Legacy
Posted Feb. 3-4, 2007

Indiana's George Taliaferro is one of the most prominent figures in the National Football League, despite having only played in 61 games, rushing for 1,794 yards and throwing for 843. In 1949, Taliaferro was selected in the 13th round as the 129th pick overall by the Chicago Bears, making him the first African-American to be drafted by an NFL team.  MORE>>> 

Denise Jackson
Committed to Challenges On and Off the Court
Posted Feb. 15, 2007

Denise Jackson was more than just a student. But, she wasn't just a student-athlete either. The former Indiana basketball star had a much greater responsibility than just sports and studies during her college career - she was a mother.  MORE>>> 

DeDee Nathan
A Stubborn Success
Posted Feb. 6, 2008

When DeDee Nathan was a senior at Indiana University in 1990, several of her track and field competitors from across the country often greeted her with a common question.

"You haven't graduated yet?" MORE>>> 

Anthony Thompson
A Hoosier On All Levels
Posted Feb. 20, 2008

Anthony Thompson will be the first to tell you when looking back at his football career, whether it be at the high school, college or professional level, he was never the biggest, the fastest, or the strongest. But growing up in Terre Haute Ind., in a single-parent Christian family of seven kids, his work ethic was unquestionable. He was taught to reach for the stars and settle for the moon. Ultimately it would be that work ethic that would help the man affectionately called "A.T." become the NCAA's all-time career rushing and scoring leader as well as one of Indiana's beloved student-athletes, coaches and administrators.  MORE>>> 

Danielle Carruthers
Overcoming Life's Hurdles
Posted Feb. 4, 2009

Life in the fast lane isn't so fast for Danielle Carruthers. It's not that the former Indiana University track standout doesn't want to get faster, but she is just making sure she takes the time to enjoy herself along the way. MORE>>> 

Mike Woodson
Recipe For Success
Posted Feb. 25, 2009

Mike Woodson has brought success to everyone and everything he has touched through his loyalty and hard work. From his role as a team captain at Indiana to being a head coach in the National Basketball Association, he has consistently helped make others better.  MORE>>> 

Bill Garrett
The Right Man
Posted Feb. 10, 2010

He was the right man. It was the right time.

Back in 1946, Indiana's Mr. Basketball, "Jumpin' Johnny'' Wilson wanted to play his collegiate basketball at Indiana. There was only one problem -- the color of his skin. MORE>>> 

Whitney Thomas
Enjoy the Moment
Posted Feb. 23, 2010

Whitney Thomas has not given much thought to the future. She is too busy focused on the present, which includes serving as a student assistant coach with Indiana's women's basketball team and wrapping up work on her master's degree in applied sport science.  MORE>>> 

Faith Sherrill
Driving to be the Best
Posted Feb. 14, 2011

Before she ends her Indiana University track and field career, there is one last goal Faith Sherrill would like to accomplish -- win an NCAA title.

"I've been a Big Ten Champion (twice) and an All-American (three times),'' says Sherrill, a fifth-year senior weight specialist. "I have worked my way up through the Big Ten and then became an All-American three times, which is huge, but I still want to push myself to be the greatest I can be and that would be an NCAA title.'' MORE>>> 

Quinn Buckner
Where Credit is Due
Posted Feb. 23, 2011

A natural born leader?

Quinn Buckner would hear nothing of that. In the eyes of this 56-year-old, who is now in his 11th season as vice president of communications for Indiana Pacers Sports & Entertainment, all the credit for his leadership qualities can be traced back to the teachings of his parents, Jessica and the late William Buckner.  MORE>>>