Celebrating Black History Month

Cheryl Gilliam
Running From One Thing to the Next
Posted Feb. 12, 2007

One may say that former Michigan State track and field standout Cheryl Gilliam followed the footsteps of her father, Wardell. He competed in track and field at Eastern Michigan University and later was inducted into the school's Hall of Fame. While she may have inherited his genes, Gilliam has certainly created her own path of success.  MORE>>> 

Earvin 'Magic' Johnson
A Champion on Every Level
Posted Feb. 26, 2007

Rain was pouring in sheets on the sold-out crowd at Spartan Stadium before Michigan State's high-profile football clash with Notre Dame this past September, but throngs of fans and current student-athletes gravitated toward one man on the field - a man who didn't even play football.  MORE>>> 

Gideon Smith
Warrior of His Time
Posted Feb. 13, 2008

The name Gideon carries around a certain toughness, almost an overwhelming sense of power. The origin of this name is Hebrew and has biblical significance as Gideon is said to have freed the Israelites from harsh rulings and maintained peace for 40 years. Etymologists have concluded Gideon means `Great Warrior' and/or `Hewer.' To football historians the name Gideon may have the same connotation.  MORE>>> 

Judi Brown Clarke
Helping With Life's Hurdles
Posted Feb. 26, 2008

Judi Brown (Clarke) has spent her entire life focused on the welfare of others. She has used her stature as one of the country's elite track stars along with an educated background to assist people in need. Whether it was dedicating her senior season at Michigan State to her cancer-stricken team trainer, using her silver-medal-winning Olympic fame to help care for abused children, or providing multicultural-related initiatives to enhance the diversity of MSU's campus, Brown used her experience of overcoming hurdles so others could do the same.  MORE>>> 

Lauren Aitch
Following in Her Father's Footsteps
Posted Feb. 12, 2009

Michigan State forward Lauren Aitch grew up wearing the Green and White. Her father played for the Spartans more than 40 years ago. She was raised in Lansing just a few miles from the Breslin Center and the East Lansing campus she has called home for four years.  MORE>>> 

Charles Thornhill
Mad Dog's Tough Road to Success
Posted Feb. 17, 2009

Charles Thornhill faced a tough path to success in the 1960s. Fighting segregation and helping open doors for future African-American athletes, Thornhill found his way from Virginia to Michigan, the place he would call home for nearly 50 years.  MORE>>> 

Don Coleman
The Lesson of a Giver
Posted Feb. 13-14, 2010

At 175 pounds, Don Coleman would barely qualify to be a wide receiver at the college level these days. But in his prime, Coleman not only played, but the former Michigan State standout was one of the best two-way linemen in the nation.  MORE>>> 

Kisha Kelley
Daddy's Girl
Posted Feb. 20-21, 2010

She came to Michigan State as a shy homebody, a self-proclaimed daddy's girl, and someone who cried every time her family dropped her off for the start of a new school year.  MORE>>> 

Odessa Smalls-Arthur
Model of Dedication
Posted Feb. 11, 2011

Growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., Odessa Smalls-Arthur confesses she wasn't exactly the model student. Yet, through her years at Michigan State, she became a model of dedication.  MORE>>> 

Steve Smith
The Charitable Champion
Posted Feb. 25, 2011

SThere is no denying the facts surrounding Michigan State's Steve Smith; he is a champion. Smith won a Big Ten Basketball Championship in 1990, an Olympic gold medal in 2000 and an NBA Championship in 2003, just to name a few. While these accomplishments solidify his career on the court as a tremendous success, Smith's work off the court may be even more inspiring.  MORE>>>