Celebrating Black History Month

Anucha Browne
Born to Play Basketball
Posted Feb. 5, 2007

It was pretty clear to the high school track and field coach that the tall, lanky freshman named Anucha Browne was born to be a basketball player.

"He always kept telling me `Why are you running? You are a basketball player,'" said Browne. "I guess it took me a while to realize it."  MORE>>> 

Ron Burton
A Few Generous Minutes
Posted Feb. 21, 2007

Growing up in Springfield, Ohio, no one ever expected much from the skinny, frail boy named Ron Burton. His parents had passed away by the time he was 13 years old and he had moved in with his grandmother, who was a gospel preacher.  MORE>>> 

D'Wayne Bates
Making the Most of Opportunities
Posted Feb. 7, 2008

D'Wayne Bates has always tried to approach life by taking advantage of opportunities when presented and making the most of them. Whether that be traveling from the South to play football at Northwestern, adjusting to defenses as a wide receiver on the field, becoming a professional football player, or taking online classes for a degree so he could become an educator, Bates has rarely been one to shy away from opportunity."  MORE>>> 

Michele Savage
Big Time in the Big Ten
Posted Feb. 21, 2008

Michele Savage loves to tell people, "the Big Ten is big time." Arguably you could say the same thing about Savage. Since she first started playing basketball she has always found success, as a player and now as a coach.  MORE>>> 

Katrina Adams
Living Life with a Passion for Tennis
Posted Feb. 6, 2009

Find something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Katrina Adams took this old saying to heart. Her outstanding talent, passion for the sport of tennis, and "never give" up mentality led her to an NCAA Championship title, All-American accolades, and a career on the professional circuit."  MORE>>> 

Rohan Gardner
Elevating the Standard to Another Degree
Posted Feb. 27, 2009

Born and raised in Jamaica, Rohan Gardner moved to Miami, Fla., when he was eight years old. It wasn't long before he became acclimated to the new culture, and by his sophomore year of high school, he began to partake in one of America's most popular pastimes - sneaking out of the house.  MORE>>> 

Ifeoma Okonkwo
The World Traveler
Posted Feb. 3, 2010

If Ifeoma Okonkwo were to make out a wish list for the new year, at the top of the it would probably be having another American on her Uniao Madeira women's basketball team in Portugal.   MORE>>> 

Chris Hinton
Turning A Passion into A Vocation
Posted Feb. 18, 2010

Chris Hinton had been preparing for this day since he was a young boy, playing football with his three older brothers in the streets of Chicago's south side. An avid Bears fan from birth, he grew up just a few miles from Soldier Field.  MORE>>> 

Billy McKinney
The Journeyman
Posted Feb. 12-13, 2011

Some professional athletes might get a little testy if referred to as a journeyman. But not former Northwestern University basketball standout Billy McKinney, who still holds the Wildcat record for career points (1,900).   MORE>>> 

Ndidi Opia Massay
Sports Are Her Passion
Posted Feb. 22, 2011

Former Northwestern University softball player Ndidi Opia Massay is the perfect utility player. Since taking her final at-bat for the Wildcats in 1989, she earned her degree from the prestigious Medill School of Journalism and graduated from law school at Notre Dame where she also served as a volunteer softball coach. She went on to work as an intern with the NCAA, served as director of game operations and legal counsel at the University of San Francisco and owned her own business negotiating contracts for people in sports and entertainment. She currently works as the director of business operations and development for ESPN RISE, a branch of ESPN.com devoted to high school sports.  MORE>>>