Celebrating Black History Month

Bill Willis
A Trailblazer On and Off the Field
Posted Feb. 13, 2007

A year before Jackie Robinson famously donned a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform, Bill Willis' passion for football conquered the barriers of discrimination and changed the course of the game forever.  The world knows the story of the baseball legend as the desegregation of professional sports, but outside of football circles, the history of the former Ohio State standout and NFL Hall of Famer is far-reaching but almost unknown.  MORE>>> 

Stephanie Hightower
Always Aiming High
Posted Feb. 24-25, 2007

When Soviet tanks rolled into Afghanistan in 1979, then-U.S. President Jimmy Carter made a decis ion that shocked and stunned many, especially former OSU track star Stephanie Hightower. Hightower, who was a member of the U.S. Track and Field squad, was ready to compete in her first Olympic Games. However, President Carter instead boycotted the U.S. team from competing at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, leaving Hightower and the rest of her teammates only able to watch the games from home.  MORE>>> 

Jessica Davenport
Only Time Will Tell
Posted Feb. 12, 2008

Jim Foster will be the first to point to time as really only the true barometer to measure one's legacy. And although his prized pupil Jessica Davenport is just one year removed from a record-setting All-American career at Ohio State, he too is willing to wait and not rush to judge what many believe was one of the finest women's basketball careers in Big Ten history.  MORE>>> 

Kevin Hall
A Story Still Worth Hearing
Posted Feb. 25, 2008

Kevin Hall has always dreamed of becoming a professional golfer. Now that he is one, he is realizing it is one of the toughest things he has ever had to endure. Unlike his playing days at Ohio State, Hall has no teammates and is only competing for one person. That person is also the one who is now paying all the bills. But Hall has been no stranger to tackling obstacles throughout his life, and actually, he has become quite good at it as well.  MORE>>> 

Michael Redd
Dream On
Posted Feb. 3, 2009

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Michael Redd would often dream. Dream of one day becoming a primetime collegiate basketball player. Dream of being selected to an NBA All-Star team. Dream of playing for Team USA and winning a gold medal in the Olympics. As of August 24, 2008, while standing atop the Olympic podium in Beijing, Redd did not have to dream any longer.  MORE>>> 

Tracey (Hall) Yarbrough
A Scout's Honor
Posted Feb. 14-15, 2009

The concept of success is one that has always been associated with sports, but often times, success can be measured by more than just numbers. Depending on the source, it can take on a different meaning depending on the situation. Teams can have success if they improve upon their record from the previous year, or an individual can achieve it if he or she reaches a self-initiated goal that was set. To measure the success of Tracey (Hall) Yarbrough, however, one needs only to take a glimpse into the annals of Ohio State women's basketball to truly capture the influence that she had on the sport.  MORE>>> 

Regina Oliver
The Golden Rule
Posted Feb. 9, 2010

"Never be sorry." Her father's words raced through Regina Oliver's mind as she stepped onto the field. Surrounded by a sea of red, white and blue, she looked to the 17 other women standing by her side and closed her eyes to take it all in. She could feel the warm sunshine splash across her face and the earth quiver beneath her cleats as her teammates aligned to take their place in history. It was a magical moment that few are fortunate to ever experience - the moment when a dream transforms into reality.  MORE>>> 

Brian Robiskie
The Ball Boy
Posted Feb. 24, 2010

Had Brian Robiskie not taken one more college visit, he may never have played a down of football for Ohio State. And who knows what direction his career may have gone.  MORE>>> 

Cassie Dickerson
Kicking Around All Options
Posted Feb. 4, 2011

Cassie Dickerson is a young woman with several options. Dickerson, who is currently wrapping up a sports law internship, will receive her degree from Ohio State next month. Her plans changed during the past school year, switching from veterinary school after graduation to entering law school. She has taken her law school admittance test and has applied to various schools including, Kansas, Missouri-Kansas City and Ohio State.  MORE>>> 

Corey Morrison
Always a Buckeye
Posted Feb. 15, 2011

When he first started to wrestle, Corey Morrison says he and his mother had a bit of a conflict.

"I kept telling her wrestling required special shoes and she insisted that the wrestlers just wore socks,'' he says. "Now I've got like 90 pairs of wrestling shoes."  MORE>>>