Celebrating Black History Month

Connie Moore
Fast-Forward Future
Posted Feb. 2, 2007

Connie Moore always knew she was fast, but it took a small setback, profuse passion and a big push from a Nittany Lion track and field coach to make her one of the best student-athletes in Penn State history.  MORE>>> 

Wally Triplett
Destined by a Family of Firsts
Posted Feb. 19, 2007

Wallace "Wally" Triplett established a stunning football legacy as he became the first African-American to start and the first to earn a varsity letter on a Nittany Lion team in 1946. Triplett learned of his strengths and society's weaknesses from the town that his family established.  MORE>>> 

Jesse Arnelle
A 'Wow' Moment
Posted Feb. 15, 2008

In the spring semester of Jesse Arnelle's junior year of high school, he received an athletic scholarship offer to play football at Brown University in Providence, R.I. He was being recruited by then head coach Charles A. (Rip) Engle and his assistant coach Joe Paterno. Arnelle was thrilled by the opportunity to play collegiate football and obtain an Ivy League education. .  MORE>>> 

Kahadeejah Herbert
Winning a Life's Battle
Posted Feb. 28, 2008

Athletic competition is normally based on wins and losses. That is all that seems to matter at the end of the day to those who watch it and for those who compete. Former Penn State standout Kahadeejah Herbert defied that notion by using basketball for something more than winning games. She used it to win in life.  MORE>>> 

John Amaechi
A Man of Many Talents
Posted Feb. 11, 2009

Former Penn State basketball standout John Amaechi is a man of many talents. He is a psychologist, a motivational speaker, a political activist, a broadcaster, an author and a movie producer as well as a former professional basketball player.  MORE>>> 

Nadia Edwards
A Lifelong Endeavor
Posted Feb. 24, 2009

The concept of sport has become ingrained in today's society. For a large portion of America's youth, the dream of playing sports at the collegiate or professional level is often what fuels their growth and development through the years. For former Penn State women's volleyball player Nadia Edwards, that passion for sport continues to play a part in her professional development.  MORE>>> 

Curt Warner
Standing 'Penn State' Proud
Posted Feb. 12, 2010

Like any other business owner trying to sell big-ticket items in today's economy, Curt Warner admits business has been a little slow. But it sure beats the days when he was growing up around the coalmines in Pineville, W.Va.  MORE>>> 

Helen Darling
My Darling Tots
Posted Feb. 25, 2010

Helen Darling has always been ready to lend an assist, both on and off the basketball court. The only trouble is this former Penn State standout needs more than 24 hours in a day.  MORE>>> 

Shana Cox
Wearing Her PSU Uniform Proudly
Posted Feb. 7, 2011

When she visited Penn State back in 2002, Shana Cox came primarily to visit her brother Adrian, who was two years older.  MORE>>> 

Bob White
Home Sweet Home
Posted Feb. 21, 2011

Bob White first stepped on the Penn State University campus back in 1982 and other than short stints with the San Francisco 49ers (1987) and Cleveland Browns (1988), he hasn't left.  MORE>>>