Celebrating Black History Month

Cathey Tyree
A Model in Every Way
Posted Feb. 14, 2007

One can say Cathey Tyree has truly been a "model" in all aspects of her life. From a model student-athlete at Purdue, to a professional model and now a role model to two children, Tyree is determined to be the best.  MORE>>> 

Eugene Parker
More than Just a Game
Posted Feb. 27, 2007

Nearly every young athlete, at one point or another, has been told, `It's just a game.'

But for people like Eugene Parker, sport is so much more than just a recreational activity; it is a lifetime commitment and a career.  MORE>>> 

Lamar Lundy
A Lasting Legacy
Posted Feb. 2, 2008

Recently Vicki Lundy Wilbon was at home having a conversation with her two daughters about their grandfather, Lamar Lundy. A former two-sport athlete at Purdue and member of the Los Angeles Rams' "Fearsome Foursome", Lundy passed away less than one year ago on Feb. 24 from a number of different illnesses.  MORE>>> 

Ukari Figgs
Shooting for the Moon
Posted Feb. 27, 2008

While childhood dreams had Ukari Figgs thinking of rocketing to the moon as an astronaut, she took a different path as she grew up and parlayed an unforgettable basketball career into a job as a mechanical engineer for the world's largest auto company.  MORE>>> 

Cheryl Flowers
Divine Intervention
Posted Feb. 2, 2009

Divine Intervention. This is how Cheryl Flowers-Gavin refers to her experience at Purdue University.  MORE>>> 

Forest Farmer
From the Football Field to the Industrial Field
Posted Feb. 23, 2009

Growing up, Forest Farmer had a strong desire to escape the small industrial town of Zanesville, Ohio.  MORE>>> 

Camille Cooper Ozumba
An Intimidating Presence
Posted Feb. 11, 2010

At 6-4, Camille Cooper Ozumba was an intimidating presence on the court for the Purdue University women's basketball team from 1997 to 2001. Now working as an attorney in Dallas, she can be just as intimidating in the courtroom.  MORE>>> 

Roland Parrish
Grinding It Out
Posted Feb. 22, 2010

Three yards and a cloud of dust. And when it's fourth-and-one, Roland Parrish, who was a closet college football fan as a youth in Hammond, Ind., wants the ball in his hands.  MORE>>> 

Shahara Nixon Byford
Also Known As Skeeter
Posted Feb. 9, 2011

Please excuse Shahara Nixon Byford if she has a little identity crisis whenever she returns to Purdue.

"I'm still convinced there are some people at Purdue who do not know my real name,'' she says with a laugh. "In the classroom, I was Shahara, but in softball and to all my friends, it was always Skeeter. A lot of my friends still call me that and I am `Aunt Skeeter' to a lot of my friends' children."  MORE>>> 

Rosevelt Colvin
Seize the Opportunity
Posted Feb. 18, 2011

Some say the best is yet to come.

For Purdue University defensive end Rosevelt Colvin, a lot of his childhood focused on being just that, a child. With both of his parents being teachers, education was always important, but the most important trait of Colvin's childhood was taking advantage of all opportunities he was given.  MORE>>>