Celebrating Black History Month

Rose Thomson
Running a New Course
Posted Feb. 9, 2007

When Rose Chepyator-Thomson was a young girl growing up in Singore, Kenya, her father told her that, in terms of her education, she should "go until she couldn't go anymore."

Thomson took that suggestion and literally ran with it.  MORE>>> 

Sidney Williams
Engineering a Change for the Better
Posted Feb. 16, 2007

Sidney B. Williams Jr., a native of racially-charged Little Rock, Ark., played his own small part in defeating Southern segregationist ideology during the 1950's by becoming the first African-American starting quarterback in the Big Ten Conference. He recovered from a disappointing start to his athletic career at Wisconsin to make history and lead the Badgers for two and a half seasons.  MORE>>> 

Lee Kemp
Fostering a Champion
Posted Feb. 5, 2008

Each day Lee Kemp walks into his Lee Kemp Cooler Wrestling Club in Alpharetta, Ga., he feels a sense of accomplishment, a sense of pride, and a sense that this is where he was meant to be. And what he was meant to do as well.  MORE>>> 

Sherisa Livingston
Spiking Her Way into Badger History
Posted Feb. 19, 2008

Sherisa Livingston was a typical younger sibling, always wanting to do what her big sister did. At the age of 14, she followed her sister's footsteps and began playing volleyball. The sport would eventually become more than following in a sibling's footsteps, it became a passion that led her to a scholarship at the University of Wisconsin and a professional career.  MORE>>> 

Marcus Landry
Playing His Role
Posted Feb. 5, 2009

For most Division I student-athletes, the task of successfully balancing a full-time load of academics and athletics can be a daunting one. Imagine, then, that you are majoring in life sciences communication, playing for a perennial top-25 basketball team and are married with three young children. That is the role that University of Wisconsin senior forward Marcus Landry plays every day of his collegiate life in Madison, Wis.  MORE>>> 

Chavon Robinson
A Student Before An Athlete
Posted Feb. 10, 2009

As a young girl, Chavon Robinson recalls racing in the streets of her hometown in Milwaukee, Wis., with her two brothers, cousins and other neighborhood friends. On a summer night, if one listened closely they could hear the soft pounding of feet churning up pavement as Robinson neared the finish line. And if one looked even closer, they could see that there was more than just distance separating Robinson from her challengers: she was the only girl, and losing was not her style.  MORE>>> 

Ron Dayne
Always A Badger
Posted Feb. 8, 2010

Ten years after winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the Wisconsin Badgers to two Rose Bowl Championships, college football legend Ron Dayne continues to give back to the city of Madison.  MORE>>> 

Robin Threatt-Elliott
On the Run
Posted Feb. 17, 2010

Robin Threatt-Elliot suddenly gets a little quieter, making sure her three children are not within hearing distance.

"I like to tell them Mommy is 24," the 39-year-old says with a laugh. "I still stay in pretty good shape and like to think I have a body of a 24-year-old."  MORE>>> 

Chris Nelson
Mr. Hollywood
Posted Feb. 8, 2011

Trying to break into baseball, basketball or football would have been much simpler. But being an African-American man trying to break into the sport of ice hockey was taking pro aspirations to a whole new level. That was the quest of former University of Wisconsin standout defenseman Chris Nelson.  MORE>>> 

Pam Moore
The Dynamic Duo
Posted Feb. 26-27, 2011

As a single mother for 24 years, Pam Moore certainly paid her dues. Now the former University of Wisconsin track standout is reaping the rewards.  MORE>>>