Big Ten Announces Medal of Honor Recipients

The Big Ten Medal of Honor is the conference's oldest award.

The Big Ten Medal of Honor is the conference's oldest award.

June 13, 2007

Park Ridge, Ill. - Winners of the Big Ten's oldest award, the Medal of Honor, were announced today by the conference office. First awarded in 1914, the Big Ten endowed a Medal of Honor to be given annually to a student in the graduating class of each university that demonstrated proficiency in scholarship and athletics. In 1982, the Medal of Honor was expanded to include a senior female athlete from each institution.

Since the introduction of the Big Ten Medal of Honor, more than 1,150 student-athletes have been awarded the honor.

This year, 22 student-athletes, representing 11 sports, have been chosen for the Medal of Honor. The recipients include 17 All-Big Ten selections, 20 Academic All-Big Ten honorees and participants from one national championship team, five Big Ten championship squads and two conference tournament winners.

The 2007 Big Ten Medal of Honor winners are:

Warren Carter, Men's Basketball
Yvonne Mensah, Women's Track and Field

Will Meyers, Football
Stacey Clausing, Women's Track and Field

Adam Haluska, Men's Basketball
Heather Schnepf, Field Hockey

Jeff Porter, Men's Track and Field
Katie Erdman, Women's Track and Field

Michigan State
Drew Stanton, Football      
Kristen Coleman, Women's Gymnastics

Matt Spaeth, Football
Emily Brown, Women's Track and Field

Chris Wilson, Men's Golf
Alexis Prousis, Women's Tennis

Ohio State
Kellen Harkness, Men's Diving       
Saskia Mueller, Field Hockey

Penn State
Daniel Kaiserian, Men's Swimming
Stephanie Sullivan, Women's Gymnastics

Mike Otto, Football
Katie Gearlds, Women's Basketball

Joe Thomas, Football
Sara Bauer, Women's Ice Hockey