Faces of the Big Ten: Caroline Blaum

Nov. 21, 2008

1. Born - November 8,1985

2. Hometown -Wilkes-Barr, Penn.

3. Nickname - `C'

4. Siblings - Younger sister Elizabeth (20), sophomore field hockey student -athlete at Ball State

5. Most famous person in my cell phone- Pat Summitt

6. When I'm not in class or at practice, you can find me - at the Learning Center or Carver Hawkeye Arena

7. Favorite thing about college is - the relationships I have made here and the black and gold wardrobe I have accumulated

8. Favorite sports movie - Miracle

9. Favorite ice cream flavor - a tie between Mint Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin from Whitey's in Iowa City

10. Favorite store - J. Crew

11. Favorite athlete - Julie Foudy, US Women's Soccer, and Kara Lawson, Tennessee women's basketball (1999-2003)

12. First thing I do in the morning - check my email

13. Last thing I do before sleep - Check my email with while watching Friends

14. Worst movie I've ever seen - The Mist

15. The title of my autobiography would be - `C' For Yourself
16. This item must go on road trips with me - my computer, ipod and phone

17. Most played artist/band on your iPod - Metro Station, Katy Perry and the Wicked Soundtrack

18. Last movie that made me cry - Sex and the City

19. If I could have one fantasy date, it would be with -  Eric Dane of Grey's Anatomy