Big Ten Conference Staff

Commissioner James E. Delany
Deputy Commissioner, COO Brad Traviolia
Deputy Commissioner, Public Affairs Diane Dietz
Senior Associate Commissioner, Television Administration Mark D. Rudner
Associate Commissioner, CFO Julie Suderman
Associate Commissioner, Football Operations Scott Chipman
Associate Commissioner, Men's Basketball Rick Boyages
Associate Commissioner, Policy Chad Hawley
Associate Commissioner, Sports Administration Wendy Fallen
Associate Commissioner, Technology Mike McComiskey
Assistant Commissioner, Branding Robin Jentes
Assistant Commissioner, Communications Jason Yellin
Assistant Commissioner, Compliance Gil Grimes
Assistant Commissioner, Officiating Services Tony Buyniski
Controller Laura Anderson
Senior Director, Building Services Brenda Hilton
Senior Director, Information Technology Brandon Winbush
Director, Communications Adam Augustine
Associate Director, Branding Chris Althoff
Associate Director, Business Operations Satvik Patel
Associate Director, Communications Chris Masters
Associate Director, Football/Basketball Operations Davon Robb
Associate Director, Officiating Services Matt Braunscheidel
Associate Director, Sports Administration Natalie Lutz
Assistant Director, Branding Doron Tamari
Assistant Director, Communications Shannon Malone
Assistant Director, Communications Megan Rowley
Assistant Director, Compliance Jennifer Dominguez
Assistant Director, Officiating Services Joseph Hamata
Assistant Director, Policy Fred Krauss
Assistant Director, Sports Administration Grace Bonoma
Assistant Director, Sports Administration A.J. Edds
Production Coordinator / Building Manager W. T. Robinson
Executive Assistant to the Commissioner Barbara Greenbaum
Executive Assistant Sandra Morgan
Administrative Assistant Linda Arnold
Administrative Assistant Sue Immekus
Administrative Assistant Janelle McDaniel
Administrative Assistant Mary Jo O'Donohue
Administrative Assistant Madeline Russell
Bob Hammel Communications Intern Leigh McGuirk
Officiating Services Intern Sam Arvaneh
Assistant Commissioner, Men's and Women's Basketball Operations Jessica Palermo
Assistant Commisioner, Public Affairs Kerry Kenny
Assistant Director, Basketball/Football Operations Jerrell Price
Administrative Assistant Caeli Smith
Baseball Rich Fetchiet
Men's Basketball Rick Boyages
Women's Basketball Patty Broderick
Field Hockey Mary Brainard
Football Bill Carollo
Ice Hockey Steve Piotrowski
Soccer Steve Siomos
Softball Sally Walker
Volleyball Marcia Alterman
Wrestling Mike Allen
General Manager Scott Bailey
Senior Manager, Business Development Matt Agase
Manager, Client Services
Libby McCormick