Big Ten Baseball Tournament - Game 8 Live Blog

May 22, 2009

10:30: So that's it! The Hoosiers win 13-3 and have booked themselves a place in the finals tomorrow night. Ohio State will face Minnesota tomorrow at 3:37 with the winner moving on to face Indiana in the finals.

It was a great day of baseball here at Huntington Park. Minnesota defeated Purdue 12-3 and then took care of Illinois 13-4. If Minnesota or Ohio State wants to win the championship, they will have to defeat Indiana twice over the next two days. Thank you so much for hanging out with us today here in Columbus. Have a great night and we'll see you back here tomorrow! Take care!

10:18: Two more runs score for the Hoosiers on a sacrifice fly and a single from Rogers. Dunning then singled to load the bases but Hervey popped out to second. Nine batters came to the plate that inning and three runs were scored. In three innings tonight, Indiana sent at least nine batters to the plate. 13-3, Indiana.

10:13: Schutz singles in another run for the Hoosiers. Sabourin singled to lead off the inning and Phegley walked. The bases are now loaded as Gonzalez was hit by a pitch. Sabourin has scored three runs on the day and is 3-5. The score is now 11-3.

10:05: A couple changes for the Buckeyes in the bottom of the eigth: Cory Rupert comes in at short stop for Tyler Engle who went 0-2 on the day and Chris Griffin takes the place of Michael Stephens in center field. Stephens went 0-4 today with one RBI.

10:03: The total attendance for today's games is 4,019.

10:02: Igel does his job, retiring the only two batters he faces and makes way for Joey O'Gara. O'Gara quickly gets Miller and Arp to ground out to take the game to the bottom of the eighth.

9:57: Strayer makes quick work of the Indiana side in the bottom of the seventh. He's really done a good job eating up innings for the Buckeyes since Wolosiansky came out. That's a really important job to save the bulpen's arms for tomorrow.

9:53: Just to close the book on a great outing from Blake Monar: 6.2 IP 5 H 3R 3 ER 5 BB 4 SO and 112 pitches.

9:47: Stephens fists a ball to third base. Gonzalez makes the play but Streng scores. The Buckeyes will need more than just trading outs for runs at this point. There's now a conference at the mound and Monar is pulled from the game. Matt Igel comes into relief for the Hoosiers in aid of a brilliant performance from freshman Monar Blake. In the meantime, Igel gets Burkhart to fly out to left on the first pitch to complete the top of the seventh inning. As our stadium announcer put it, it's now "sttttrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeetch time!"

9:45: A great grab by a fan in the third baseline bleachers. Stephens hit a laser foul ball and the fan fully extended to catch the ball with his hat. A true web gem.

9:43: After a leadoff walk, Zach Hurley lifted a ball to deep right center but it was caught at the wall. Cory Kovanda then singled and with runners on the corners, the silent crowd is slowly coming back to life.

9:39: Blake Monar has pitched fantastically tonight. The freshman has given up four hits in 6+ innings and has thrown around 95 pitches. After some early game jitters, he has really settled down to pitch a gem against a very potent Buckeye offense.

9:34: Schutz gets ahold of a pitch, sending it the opposite way to left field but Hurley makes a nice catch in the deepest part of left. Gonzalez hit a two out grounder to Engle but he threw it away. Strayer retired Lambert F8 however to end the inning.

9:32: Third Eye Blind is playing a concert at a nearby pavilion and the sounds of "Losing A Whole Year" are drifting into the ballpark. Ohio State must feel like they lost a whole year in the bottom of the fifth tonight.

9:30: A couple Buckeyes reached base in the top of the sixth but nothing came of it. Michael Arp has now grounded out 4-3 in all three of his at bats tonight.

9:22: Monar is peppering the dirt in front of home plate. He must have thrown at least three pitches in the dirt in this at bat with Dan Burkhart. Burkhard patiently layed off them and drew a no out walk.

9:18: Strayer strikes out Phegley to end the inning and you'd have to favor the Hoosiers to book a place in the finals after that monster inning. Just a couple of housekeeping items: Dean Wolosiansky leaves the game with 4 IP 12 H 8 R 8 ER 1 BB 5 SO and 81 pitches. The Hoosiers sent 11 men to the plate during that inning and totaled six hits.

9:16: Arp ranges back to catch Sabourin's fly ball to deep right and the ball goes in and out of his glove. Sabourin ends up on second and this nightmare inning for the Buckeyes continue. There's no one in the Buckeyes pen so this is up to Strayer to end the inning.

9:11: Rogers flies a ball to the wall at right center field. It bounces at the base and Rogers makes it all the way around to third. The first seven batters of the bottom of the fifth inning have scored runs as Jake Dunning brings Rogers home with a sacrifice fly for the first out of the inning. I just realized I've left you without a score for a couple minutes; it is now 10-2 Hoosiers and, so far, this has been a seven run inning.

9:08: Strayer hits Lambert on the back on a 3-2 count to bring Dickerson home. Everyone moves up 90-feet and Tyler Rogers is up to bat.

9:03: Wolosiansky is done. After giving up singles to all five batters he faced in the bottom of the fifth and allowing two runs, head coach Bob Todd goes to the mound. Jared Strayer is thrown into the bases loaded fire and is looking to minimize the damage. There are still no outs in the inning. Brian Lambert is up to bat.

8:58: Wolosiansky gave up a single to Dickerson, scoring Sabourin from second. Schutz then singled and we now have the bases loaded, still with no outs, and a conference on the mound and a pitcher warming up in the pen.

8:55: Wolosiansky is in trouble again. He's given up singles to the first two batters he's faced. With runners on first and second, Alex Dickerson is up to the plate.

8:49: Monar gets Stephens to fly out to right field to end the inning. The Hoosiers dodged a major bullet by leaving the bases loaded with no outs and escaping without conceding a run. Monar has now thrown 74 pitches.

8:48: Cory Kovanda grounds into a well executed 5-2-3 double play to put two outs on the board and bring up California native, Michael Stephens.

8:46: Matt Hurley walks to load the bases with no outs. A "Let's go Bucks" chant echoes around the floodlit park.

8:41: With the third baseman playing in, Matt Streng hammers a ball into the ground and it bounces over Gonzalez's head. Engle, who had been hit by a pitch in the previous at bat moved to second.

8:39: Head Coach Tracy Smith's in-game interview: "Good things happen when you put the ball in play."

8:38: Wolosiansky struck out Rogers for the second out of the inning. Jake Dunning then came to the plate, hitting a tough hopper to Kovanda at second who misplayed the ball, scoring a run. Hervey popped out in foul territory in the following at bat. Wolosiansy has now thrown 59 pitches through four innings and the Hoosiers lead 3-2.

8:33: The bases are chock full of Hoosiers with one out. Wolosiansky has given up a walk and a single. Tyler Rogers is at the plate.

8:28: Another run scores on a good defensive stop by first baseman Matt Streng, forcing a fielders choice. Schutz is on first with one out.

8:25: The first two batters are aboard after a lead off single and a shot down the right field line from Josh Phegley. Dickerson then singles between third and short to drive in the first Indiana run as Phegley moves to third on the play and there's a meeting on the mound. Runners at the corners with no outs.

8:20: For the second inning in a row, Monar retires the side in order thanks to a great play by second baseman Tyler Rogers, gloving a scorching groudball while falling backwards. Thanks to his shaky start, however, Monar has already thrown 58 pitches through four innings.

8:15: The captain of the Buckeyes, Justin Miller, makes a great pick at third base on a bullet down the line to turn a double play after a lead off single. Chris Hervey grounds out to end the inning. So far, we've played three innings of baseball, the Buckeyes lead 2-0, with three hits and no errors. the Hoosiers have two hits and one error. The loser of this game will face Minnesota tomorrow afternoon and that cannot be a desirable outcome; the Gophers have scored 25 runs in two games today.

8:13: Monar has definitely found his rhythm now. He retired the Buckeyes 1-2-3 on two groundouts and a strikeout from Dan Burkhart in the top of the third.

8:06: Indiana cannot take advantage of Dickerson's double as both Kipp Schutz, Vince Gonzalez, and Brian Lambert all go down on strikes. Wolosiansky has struck out four on the night, Monar's fanned 3. Looks like we have a good old fashioned pitchers duel in the making.

8:01: The Hoosiers get their first hit as Alex Dickerson laces a lead off, line drive to the right center gap for his 14th double of the year.

8:00: Monar gets Zach Hurley to fly out to center to end the inning, stranding Tyler Engle on second. He seems to have settled down after a few difficult innings.

7:53: Monar has already throw several balls in the dirt and head coach Tracy Smith has held a mini-conference on the mound to settle him down. The freshman shows some more nerves with a wild throw to first base with a runner on second. Justin Miller scores on the play and Tyler Engle advances to second as the ball hops into the crowd. 2-0 Ohio State.

7:46: Wolosiansky retires the side in order to open up his appearance. The atmosphere is electric here as last night's attendance could be given a run for its money.

7:38: The Buckeyes strike first with a run scoring single from Big Ten Player of the Year Dan Burkhart. Monar fans two in the inning however.

7:32: Upon further examination after a Cory Kovanda strikeout, I would have to say that there are definintely more than 5% worth of Indiana fans here tonight.

7:30: To the delight of the 95% Ohio State crowd, Zach Hurley leads off the game with an infield single and then advances to second on a pitch in the dirt.

7:28: Valerie Todryk, in charge of communication for Big Ten baseball, has just informed me that there is pie in the press box, apparently a first. You know what they say, baseball really is as American as apple pie...

7:25: It appears the sun has made its final appearance for the day and the floodlights should be on soon. The Hoosiers have just taken the field and the crowd is itching for the first pitch. It's truly a beautiful night for baseball.

7:18: It's the Buckeyes and the Hoosiers! This should prove to be a very interesting matchup with the only meeting between the two sides occuring early in the year down in Florida; the Buckeyes won, 2-0. It's all on the line tonight, the winner goes to the championship.

Here are your lineups for the winners bracket matchup:

Ohio State

16 Hurley LF

17 Kovanda 2B

24 Stephens CF

15 Burkhart C

24 Dew DH

28 Miller 3B

2 Arp Rf

1 Engle SS

20 Streng 1B


15 Hervey RF

35 Sabourin 1B

16 Phegley C

12 Dickerson DH

23 Schutz LF

26 Gonzalez 3B

10 Lambert CF

1 Rogers 2B

3 Dunning SS

7:12 p.m.: Indiana will throw LHP Blake Monar and Ohio State will counter with RHP Dean Wolosiansky.

7:07 p.m.: No. 1 Ohio State and No. 3 Indiana square off in Game 8 of the 2009 Big Ten Baseball Tournament. The winner gets a trip to the tournament championship game, while the loser plays No. 2 Minnesota tomorrow at 3:35 p.m. ET.