Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament Blog - GAME 5

March 14, 2008

Welcome to Indianapolis! Friday's next contest of the 2008 Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament is set for 2:24 p.m. EDT. This game will feature the No. 4 seed Michigan State Spartans (24-7, 12-6) against the No. 5 Ohio State Buckeyes (19-12, 10-8).

2:24 p.m. EDT: We are ready to go!

1st, 15:49, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 9, Ohio State 6

ALL-TIME SERIES: Michigan State leads the all-time series over Ohio State, 60-50, but the Buckeyes captured the lone BTT meeting in 2003 when they came away with the 55-54 win in the quarterfinals.

1st, 11:33, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 16, Ohio State 11
Drew Neitzel is showing why he is an All-American as he has half of the Spartans' 16 points so far. The MSU leader is 3-of-5 from the floor and 2-of-3 from the perimeter.

1st, 7:22, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 20, Ohio State 16
The energy inside Conseco Fieldhouse right now is electric! The arena is full and there is an impressive amount of Buckeye and Spartan fans here in attendance. OSU's Kosta Koufos brought the Buckeyes to their feet with a monster dunk a few minutes ago, and although Matt Terwilliger missed a put-back dunk, the effort he displayed on the offensive rebound had the OSU fans roaring. This is sure to be a thriller.

1st, 3:25, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 27, Ohio State 22
Neitzel has now matched his jersey number in points, 11, and just thrilled a 3 from the corner to push the Spartans' lead to five. OSU is paced by Koufos with eight points and David Lighty with seven.

1st, 0:54.9, TIMEOUT (MSU): Michigan State 30, Ohio State 27

1st, 0:36.3, TIMEOUT (MSU): Michigan State 30, Ohio State 27

HALFTIME: Michigan State 30, Ohio State 30
We are all tied at halftime thanks in part to Jamar Butler's 3-pointer from the wing with five seconds remaining on the clock. The Buckeyes earned the last few minutes of the first half. We'll see if they can keep that momentum going in the second half. First-half stats are pretty similar. Both teams are shooting approximately 40 percent, each have 17 rebounds and each have five turnovers.



2nd, 18:00, TIMEOUT (OSU): Michigan State 33, Ohio State 32

2nd, 16:09, TIMEOUT (MSU): Michigan State 33, Ohio State 32

2nd, 15:05, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 33, Ohio State 32
You can probably do the math, but we have seen just eight points this half and only five in the last four minutes.

2nd, 11:59, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 39, Ohio State 36
Things are heating up inside Conseco. We have seen several possessions where the team with the momentum at the time ends up turning the ball over. Fouls are an issue right now and Ohio State is in bad shape. The Buckeyes have eight fouls against them, while Michigan State has three. Neitzel leads all scorers with 19 points.

2nd, 8:57, TIMEOUT (OSU): Michigan State 47, Ohio State 40

2nd, 6:24, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 52, Ohio State 45
Michigan State has struggled with its shooting this half, as the Spartans are 6-of-21 this half (.286) and 36 percent for the game. Ohio State has 10 team fouls and the next Spartan foul will put the Buckeyes in the bonus. OSU has pulled in 17 points from Koufos and 11 from Lighty. Neitzel is now out of the game, so we'll see how fast the Buckeyes can close the gap without the MSU scoring leader on the floor.

UPDATE: OSU scored just one point in the two minutes Neitzel was out.

2nd, 3:32, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 54, Ohio State 48
Ohio State's Othello Hunter was just fouled as he scored. He'll be at the line for one shot when play resumes. Unfortunately, that has been a factor for the Buckeyes this game. OSU has made only seven trips to the free-throw line and made just three shots. That is 43 percent and you just can't make up ground with numbers like that. We'll see how the Bucks play out the rest of the game.

2nd, 2:08, TIMEOUT (MSU): Michigan State 56, Ohio State 53
FYI - Hunter has scored five points since we last talked. And that was less than 90 seconds ago.

2nd, 1:00: Michigan State 61, Ohio State 55
Goran Suton has just fouled out, but the Neitzel Watch is still on. He has 28 for the game and is one point shy of entering the top 10 single-game point performances in Big Ten Tournament history.

FINAL: Michigan State 67, Ohio State 60
Michigan State earned its revenge from its regular-season finale loss to Ohio State with a 67-60 win over the Buckeyes today. MSU shot 37 percent and Neitzel accounted for 28 of the team's 67 points. OSU shot 42 percent from the field and was paced by Koufos and his 19 points.