Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament Blog - GAME 6

March 14, 2008

Welcome to Indianapolis! Tonight's evening session begins with the No. 2 seed Purdue Boilermakers (24-7, 15-3) facing the No. 10 Illinois Fighting Illini (14-18, 5-13).

1st, 15:54, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Illinois 7, Purdue 6
Well, we have seen Purdue sink two 3-pointers to get on the board and Illinois answer with two slam dunks. And go figure, Illinois wanted a piece of the perimeter action as well and just drained a 3.

1st, 15:54, TIMEOUT (PUR): Illinois 7, Purdue 6

1st, 11:49, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Illinois 13, Purdue 11
Ladies and gentlemen, the No. 10 seed has come to play. The Fighting Illini have taken the momentum behind the lead of Calvin Brock, who has six points.

1st, 8:14, TIMEOUT (ILL): Purdue 19, Illinois 13

1st, 7:33, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Purdue 21, Illinois 13
Illinois is shooting 46 percent to Purdue's 43 percent. Brock continues to lead the Illini with six points, but he is currently on the bench. Brian Randle, in foul trouble last night, has two quick fouls tonight. Leading the way for Purdue is E'Twaun Moore with six points.

1st, 3:33, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Purdue 26, Illinois 20
Purdue has really done an impressive job from beyond the arc this half, hitting 5-of-8 for three-point land. Illinois is hanging around shooting 50 percent from the floor. Purdue has nine team fouls to Illinois' six.

1st, 0:04.3, TIMEOUT (PUR): Purdue 28, Illinois 28
Purdue's Matt Painter called a 30-second timeout with 4.3 seconds left. Purdue will need to go the length of the floor.

HALFTIME: Purdue 28, Illinois 28
Illinois finished 12-of-24 (.500) from the field in the first half, while Purdue was 8-of-21 (.381). Both teams are shooting 50 percent or better from 3-point land: ILL: 2-of-4, PUR 5-of-9. Illinois is outscoring Purdue in the paint, 14-4, as well as 14-6 off the bench.

2nd, 15:49, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Illinois 37, Purdue 36
Purdue has made 3-of-4 from the floor this half, but credit Illinois as it as continued to shoot 57 percent, including 4-of-4 this half.



2nd, 11:59, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Illinois 41, Purdue 38
Purdue is now 4-of-10, but Illinois is 5-of-6 from the field. The Illini have stepped it up tonight and are currently being paced by Demetri McCamey and his 11 points.

2nd, 10:46, TIMEOUT (ILL): Purdue 42, Illinois 41
Two breakaway lay-ups by Chris Kramer and Tarrance Crump on back-to-back trips have put the Boilers back on top. Bruce Weber wants to talk things over.

2nd, 8:58, TIMEOUT (PUR): Illinois 47, Purdue 42
And just like that the tide has turned. Illinois went on a 6-0 run since the last timeout and Shaun Pruitt's dunk just prompted Painter to take a 30-second timeout.

2nd, 7:49, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Illinois 47, Purdue 44
Illinois has eight turnovers this half to Purdue's three. For the game, Illinois has 19 and Purdue has 12.

2nd, 4:51, TIMEOUT (ILL): Illinois 52, Purdue 52

2nd, 3:18, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Purdue 57, Illinois 52
Purdue has regained the lead and is riding the leadership of Kramer and Robbie Hummel. Keaton Grant has also played a key role as of late and has helped bring this Conseco crowd to its feet. Kramer has been exceptional on defense in the past few minutes. Purdue is 48 percent from the field; Illinois is 56.

2nd, 1:25, TIMEOUT (PUR): Purdue 60, Illinois 58

2nd, 0:31.0, TIMEOUT (ILL): Purdue 63, Illinois 60

END OF REGULATION: Purdue 63, Illinois 63 Demetri McCamey became the Illini hero tonight as he kept the team's season alive by hitting a 3-pointer from the top of the key. With 15 seconds left, Purdue marched down the floor, but Kramer's 15-foot jumper was short and we are going into overtime.

HOW CLOSE HAS IT BEEN? Purdue leads the all-time series over Illinois by an 87-81 margin. The Boilermakers captured both regular season matchups by scores of 74-67 and 83-75. In Big Ten Tournament play, Purdue won the first meeting in 1998, 68-47, while Illinois won 83-66 in 2001.

OT, 3:33: Illinois 65, Purdue 63
Illinois' Brian Randle has just fouled out of the game.

OT, 1:52, TIMEOUT (ILL): Illinois 67, Purdue 66

OT, 0:39.4, TIMEOUT (PUR): Illinois 71, Purdue 67
Purdue just had several chances to cut into the lead. Off a miss free throw, Purdue brought down two offensive rebounds, but could not hit a shot. Hummel lost the ball out of bounds. Illinois ball. Illinois timeout

OT, 0:39.4, TIMEOUT (ILL): Illinois 71, Purdue 67

OT, 0:04.7: Illinois 72, Purdue 67
Hummel just fouled out. Illinois is going to win this game.

FINAL: Illinois 74, Purdue 67
Wow! What a game. After we saw the No. 9 seed Illinois women's team advance to the finals last week, the No. 10 seed men's team is now on a Cinderella run of its own. Illinois outscored Purdue 11-4 in overtime. The Illini finished shooting 61 percent from the floor. Illinois' McCamey led all scorers with 26 points.