Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament Blog - GAME 7

March 14, 2008

Welcome to Indianapolis! Friday's nightcap of the 2008 Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament is set for 9:23 p.m. EDT. This game will feature the No. 3 seed Indiana Hoosiers (25-6, 14-4) against the No. 6 Minnesota Golden Gophers (19-12, 8-10).

9:24 p.m. EDT: The lineups are in and we are set for the Friday nightcap. It's the Hoosiers and the Gophers, and it starts now!

1st, 15:46, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 9, Indiana 4
Minnesota is off to an early start, despite 3-of-10 shooting. Indiana is only 1-of-5 and standout Eric Gordon, the conference's Freshman of the Year, has been sidelined with two fouls already. Credit Minnesota's Damian Johnson, who has seven of the Gophers' nine points.

1st, 12:22, TIMEOUT (IND): Minnesota 19, Indiana 5

1st, 11:12, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 19, Indiana 8
Prior to a Armon Bassett 3-pointer, Indiana was outscored 10-1 since the last timeout. Indiana is just 2-of-11 from the field and 1-of-7 from the perimeter.

1st, 10:51, TIMEOUT (MINN): Minnesota 19, Indiana 8

1st, 7:52, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 24, Indiana 11
Indiana is now 3-of-13 (.231) and Minnesota is 7-of-18 (.389). D.J. White leads the team with just four points.

1st, 3:31, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 28, Indiana 22
Indiana has made its way back into the game, having gone on a 11-4 run since our last break. Eric Gordon now has seven points and D.J. White has four points and four rebounds. IU has made it to the free throw line 14 times, making nine attempts, while Minnesota is 6-of-6.

HALFTIME: Minnesota 34, Indiana 27
Minnesota has held off the Hoosiers' late first-half charge. Stats are pretty much even across the board between the two teams. Both teams are shooting 33 percent from the floor, although Minnesota is 30 percent from the perimeter while Indiana is just 11 percent. Rebounds are 17-14 in Minnesota's advantage. Eric Gordon leads Indiana with nine points; Minnesota is paced by Lawrence McKenzie and his game-high 12 points.



2nd, 15:51, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 34, Indiana 32
Indiana has brought it back to within two and has even missed two 3-pointers to take the lead. This place is ready to erupt. Minnesota has a strong following, but there is no question Indiana has a strong fan following here. D.J. White has led the team throughout with 13 points, nine rebounds.

2nd, 15:30, TIMEOUT (MINN): Minnesota 34, Indiana 34
We are all tied up on two free throws by D.J. White. Indiana clearly looks like a different team than the one that took the floor in the first half. Tubby Smith is preaching to his troops at the moment. He has been animated this half with the Gophers' efforts on defense. Look for Minnesota to tighten up on the defensive end.

2nd, 11:48, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 38, Indiana 36
Indiana is 1-of-12 from beyond the arc. That is 8 percent. Minnesota yet to make it to the free-throw line after going 12-of-12 in the first half.

2nd, 7:43, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Indiana 44, Minnesota 42
Indiana's DeAndre Thomas, who despite his two points on the night played a pivotal role for the Hoosiers, just fouled out of the game. D.J. White is back in after minimal rest. Minnesota has dipped to 29 percent shooting on the night, but is still shooting well at the stripe -- 13-of-14.

2nd, 4:22, TIMEOUT (MINN): Minnesota 50, Indiana 48
Tubby calls a quick 30.

2nd, 3:24, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 53, Indiana 48
The Gophers just hit a key 3-pointer and now has a five-point lead at the last media timeout. IU is now 1-of-14 (7 percent) from beyond the arc, so the Hoosiers should keep feeding D.J. White in the post if they are going to close the gap. White now has 20 points and 10 rebounds.

2nd, 1:49, TIMEOUT (IND): Minnesota 57, Indiana 52
Minnesota is set to finish the game out. Damian Johnson has 17 points and McKenzie has 15.

2nd, 1:31, TIMEOUT (IND): Minnesota 57, Indiana 54

2nd, 0:42.6: Minnesota 57, Indiana 54
Minnesota's Johnson just fouled out with 17 points. Indiana's Eric Gordon at the line for two shots. Officials checking to see if extra time ran off. Clock has now been reset to 45.9.

2nd, 0:23.9: Minnesota 57, Indiana 55
Gordon hit 1-of-2. Minnesota takes ball down the floor and Tubby calls a quick 30-second TO.

2nd, 0:10.6: Minnesota 57, Indiana 55
D.J. White just came up with a huge block and Indiana retains possession and calls a full timeout. IU will take the ball in under the Minnesota basket and have to go the length of the floor for the tie or the win. Let's see if it is Gordon driving in or White being fed in the post for the tie.

2nd, 0:03.1: Minnesota 57, Indiana 57
Gordon missed free throw, DJ White with the put back and he's fouled. He misses, gets his own rebound and fouled again. Two shots with 1.5 left.

2nd, 0:01.5, TIMEOUT (MINN): Indiana 58, Minnesota 57
D.J. White misses first, hits second. Crowd is electric right now. Minnesota takes the ball under the Indiana basket.

2nd, 0:01.5, TIMEOUT (IND): Indiana 58, Minnesota 57
Indiana calls a 30-second timeout. Here we go!

FINAL: Minnesota 59, Indiana 58
OH MY!!! Minnesota's Travis Busch just air-mailed it 75 feet to freshman Blake Hoffarber who caught the ball with 1.5 seconds left, turned to his right and put up a left-hand hook that hit nothing but net. Officials conferred, but there was no doubt the shot was good. The journey continues for the Minnesota Golden Gophers.