Tickets for the 2013 Big Ten Football Championship Game are on sale now and available through TicketMaster.

  • Lucas Oil Stadium Seating Chart for 2013 Big Ten Football Championship Game (via TicketMaster)
  • Once again for the 2013 game, tickets can also be reserved at, a ticket reservation system launched by the Big Ten in partnership with Forward Market Media (FMM) and BTN. Powered by FMM's proprietary software platforms, fans can go to to purchase, for as little as $10, the right to buy "TeamTix." If the team they specify qualifies, that fan is guaranteed a ticket to the game priced at face value. If the team they specify does not qualify, their "TeamTix" expires and the fan forfeits only the reservation fee. Adding to the excitement, fans can also trade their "TeamTix" in real time in the Big Ten Forward Market, where prices can rise and fall with teach team's on-field performance as the season progresses. "TeamTix" reservations will also be limited to eight tickets.

    Those interested in purchasing a suite for the 2013 Big Ten Football Championship Game should contact Stephanie Arnold at Indiana Sports Corp at (317) 237-5036.

    Please note that as of Friday, November 29, all tickets from the public sale and the team blocks have been sold. Only suites remain at this time.

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