Michigan Coach Lloyd Carr

July 31, 2007

Opening Statement:
"We're very excited about our team at Michigan. We return a lot of people at our skill positions with a lot of experience. Our goals are going to be high."

On Chad Henne:
"Chad Henne has had a remarkable career. He has made great progress. He has grown in maturity and as an outstanding leader. He's always been a guy that has been passionate about the game. He's smart, tough, and competitive and I think he'll play this game for a long time."

On his receivers:
"Mario (Manningham) is back. He has been working on his strength and conditioning since the winter time. Adrian (Arrington) has proven to me that he wants to be at Michigan and he's willing to do all of the things I have asked him to do."

On Mike Hart:
"What should help Mike (Hart) is the fact that we have a lot of weapons surrounding him. He has concentrated on building his strength. He's a great football player and has been a real dream to coach."

On Michigan-Notre Dame game extension:
"I think the Michigan-Notre Dame game is a great college football rivalry. Having been involved in it, I feel it's a game that means a lot to college football. There's a lot of shared history and there's a certain excitement surrounding it. I'm extremely happy that they were able to put this together."