Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald

July 31, 2007

Opening Statement:
"During this offseason, I was very impressed with the character of our football players. Spring practice was extremely physical."

On Indiana's situation:
"Things in your life you can control, things you can't. Last year, we dealt with a great deal of adversity. What we could control was our attitude and how we responded to that adversity. We did a great job of communicating with each other. It was a difficult time but the great game of football teaches life lessons."

On the transition from last year to this year as a coach:
"From an organizational standpoint, you are much more prepared than a year ago. We're ready to go. Last year I was figuring out what keys were to my office. Our players are more prepared for my style. Moving forward, I'm extremely excited and looking forward to the opening."

On NU's non-conference schedule:
"We're excited about the opener for us. This is the first time NU has had seven home games in 61 years. Having our first three games on the Big Ten Network gives us a great opportunity for some national exposure. At NU, we have to recruit the nation."