Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel

July 31, 2007

On the Big Ten Network:
"Our fans are the same all the time. They want to be able to have access to oer ball games. They want us to do very, very well. They want to see all of the Buckeyes that they can possibly see and obviously, there may be some disappointment at that point and tile. I don't know much about the why's and the where's or the distribution and all of that stuff. I jurt knos that when it gets rolling, because it will get rolling, just like ESPN got rollIng and the NFL Network )s rolling and inevitably I think many of the major conferences are going To `rovide m/re for their fans. I think they'll be excited about it. Widl there be some moments that they're not excited if that occurs where they can't see an opening ball game? Knowing our fans, they'll find a way to see it."

On last year's National Championship loss:
"I think all of our people, coaches, players - everyone that was a part of preparing for and then coming up short in a big opportunity, we'll use that often. It's a great reminder when you don't do as well as you can. I'm sure when you look back at a story you wrote and it wasn't as good, you think I'm not going to make that mistake again. I think it's just part of the growing process and part of your experience. I'm sure that all of us want to do better and do the best we're capable of doing."

On the kickoff rule change:
"It's interesting, over the last three or four years, we probably had 75 percent of our kickoffs as touchbacks and they would have been touchbacks from the 30 (yard-line). But then all of a sudden you move it to the 30 (yard-line) and the guy thinks you have to hit it farther. It seems like this spring practice, we had less balls hit to the goal line then in the past. So I don't know, it's going to be interesting to see our kickers evolve to that. I think they'll get used to it because they're very capable of still hitting the ball very deep and very high and very far. But I think anytime you change the norm, you'll see a little effect and, I kind of wish they changed it last year when number seven was in there running in the back, but nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see the change."

On Ohio State's offensive line:
"I think there's a core of things offensively we believe in and there's certain fundamental things we like to be able to do. And then there's an evolution that occurs with every player that plays for any length of time. Antonio Pittman, there are certain things that he did the best and Anthony Gonzalez, things that he did and the ways that Teddy (Ginn) contributed and obviously your quarterback position with Troy (Smith). So I think you'll probably see a different looking team. You'll see a team that's trying to evolve with the talent that we have. I don't know that it will look just the same as it has in the past but there will be an evolution."