Purdue Coach Joe Tiller

July 31, 2007

Opening Statement:
"With the start of the season again, we have a degree of optimism surrounding our program in the sense that we have the most starters back in our ten years at Purdue. We have a challenging schedule ahead of us but I think our team is up to it. I think the one thing that's changed at Purdue is that our players have rededicated themselves to improving their strength and their size. I also think there is a sense of urgency amongst our players so I'm anxious for us to get underway."

Comparing Curtis Painter and Dorien Bryant to other Purdue tandems in the past:
"I think they are all different. I truly think Bryant is the most talented of all of the receivers we have had in my ten years at Purdue and Curtis (Painter) is starting to come into his own. As he continues to grow and mature, he will approach an efficiency level where these guys can make some hay."

Thoughts on expansion of conference:
"I suppose it would be good for revenue and media but I think the consensus is that the Big Ten is healthy with the 11 teams. Unless a team can come in and really add something, like Penn State, we're better off without expanding. I don't think the Big Ten needs to expand and I don't think we need a playoff game."