Minnesota Coach Tim Brewster

July 31, 2007

On his goals for the program:
"We are so excited about the 2007 season starting. At the University of Minnesota, six national championships have been won, 18 Big Ten Championships have been won. At Minnesota, the bar has been set, and it's about championships. That is our goal, that is our ambition to win a Big Ten Championship."

On the building of TCF Bank Stadium:
"Without question TCF Bank Stadium is going to be huge towards bringing football back on campus, reconnecting with the magic that was Memorial Stadium. All the great tradition and history at the University of Minnesota was done on campus. The Metrodome has been a very good facility for a long time. I even played in the Metrodome when it first opened for two straight years. But its time, and I know all Minnesotans are excited to get football back on campus. Its going to be one of the finest, brand-new, on-campus stadiums in America today. It's a huge selling point for us in recruiting. It's a tremendous challenge that I'm setting for to the players in the state of Minnesota and across the nation. To be part of that first team that on September 12, 2009, runs out onto that field for the first time. It's gonna be awesome."

On recruiting this spring:
"I'm so excited. We really feel honored. It's a privilege to represent that state of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota. We are thrilled with the way recruiting is going. We got into 392 high schools, which is every high school in the state of Minnesota, when we were out recruiting in the spring. What we tried to do is to share our program with the people in the state of Minnesota and they've responded in a big way."

On the new kickoff rule:
"I like the rule change, I really do because it puts one of the most exciting plays back into the game of football. There are so many touchbacks from a ball being kicked off on the 35-yard line. If you move it back to the 30 and the ball is going to be in play, your kickoff return units are going to have to be outstanding. Your field position should certainly be a little bit better. Where it puts tremendous pressure is on your coverage units. Your coverage units are going to have to be that much better and we're going to have to be seeking out outstanding kickers. But all in all, it's a good rule change and it's going to be great for the fans."