Indiana-Purdue Game Available on ESPN Broadband

Nov. 20, 2004

ESPN Broadband, in partnership with the Big Ten, Indiana University and Purdue University, is making the telecast of this Saturday's Indiana vs. Purdue football game available online. This game is not being televised, so the only place to watch will be on ESPN Broadband. ESPN Broadband showcases the fastest, high-quality sports video online and is normally only available to internet users whose high-speed data providers have signed an agreement with ESPN. For this Saturday only, ESPN Broadband is providing a special link which will make the site available for fans of Indiana and Purdue football.

A few cautionary notes regarding this special access:

  • Users must have a high-speed connection in order to access the site (our apologies to those of you with dial-up internet service)
  • There are some basic system requirements which your computer must meet in order to enjoy the game:
    • Must be a PC (no Macs)
    • Windows Media Player 7.0 or higher
    • Flash Player 5.0 or higher
    • Windows Internet Explorer 3.1 or higher
  • If you have difficulties accessing the game, please check to ensure that your computer meets the above requirements and (most importantly) ensure that you are accessing the internet through a high-speed connection.

Finally, ESPN would love to hear your feedback on the game and on your interest in getting access to ESPN Broadband on a regular basis. They would also like to hear where you're watching the game so they can get an idea of just how far the Purdue and Indiana fan base reaches. If you watch the game, please take the time to send an e-mail to and let them know your location and what you thought about the game and ESPN Broadband.

You can access the ESPN Broadband broadcast here.

NOTE - At Noon today, ESPN Broadband was encountering some technical difficulties, but these have been fixed as of 12:15pm. If you attempted to watch the game and were unsuccessful, please try again now and everything should work smoothly.