B1G Championship: Nebraska vs. Wisconsin Quick Quotes

Dec. 2, 2012


Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielema

On going to the Rose Bowl...
"It's okay to get there, but you need to win it. We're going out there on a mission to play a great team in Stanford. We know we have work to do. We played to win the game today to go to the Rose Bowl. We have unbelievable respect for Stanford, so we'll enjoy this and get ready for Pasadena."

On the year Wisconsin has had...
"We lost two heartbreakers to two good teams - Ohio State and Penn State. We knew they couldn't be here so we took advantage of the opportunity. Our team is resilient, full of character and we have a room full of men who really know how to persevere. "

Wisconsin running back Montee Ball

On how they dominated the running game...
"We kind of set our minds before the game that this is our game. The running backs were going to set the tempo. We've been practicing real hard so I'm really glad to see that." 

On whether there was a statement to be made for Wisconsin being in the Big Ten Championship Game...
"Of course. We all felt like we had a big statement to make on a big stage. We just wanted to make sure that we executed." 

On whether this is the best performance he's seen while at Wisconsin...
"Just to say, everything we've been through, all the close games we've lost, to play like we did today, it really says a lot about Wisconsin."

Wisconsin running back James White

On whether there was a statement to be made...
"Yea, definitely.  A lot of people said we shouldn't have been in the game, but we knew we had an opportunity and we wanted to take advantage of it."

On the play calling in the game...
"We had to play an aggressive game and let it all out. Whatever coach called, we we're going to try and execute."



Wisconsin linebacker Chris Borland

On what the goal was for the defense coming into the game:
"We had to stop number three [Martinez]. He runs the ball really well. Excluding that second drive, we did a pretty good job the majority of the game."

On when he knew this game would be controlled by the Badgers:
That was a great first drive and they never stayed down. We have a lot of confidence in those guys.  They've been through a lot. Today's performance was just incredible."


Senior P/K Brett Maher

On Coach Pelini taking blame for loss:
"I think that's classy of him. No matter who you talk to tonight will say that he's the last person any of us are going to blame. We have complete and total trust in him and have since we've got here. This game goes on everyone's shoulders.

On when he felt the lead was insurmountable:
"I don't know. They got off to a quick start. We had one offensive snap and were down 14-0. We fought back a little bit and then it just snowballed again and we couldn't come back from it the second time. I don't know if I could pinpoint a moment exactly but it seemed like it all happened pretty quick."

On what to make of the remaining bowl game:
"I guess we have a month to figure that out. We're still going to be close and practice and workout and love each other and keep fighting and try to go out with a better taste in our mouth.

Senior wide receiver Tim Marlowe:

On how he felt about the result of the game:
"It's pretty hard to swallow. We wanted to be that senior class that won a championship. It didn't work out the way we wanted it to."

On when he felt the lead was insurmountable:
"I don't know. It was all about snowballing. Missed tackles on defense and just letting one mistake lead to more. It just got out of control too fast.

On whether or not the gameplan changed after falling behind 14-0:
"It was still so early. We were only three minutes into the game so it didn't change too much. Taylor made that amazing run and we were right back into the game. It was 14-10 and we just couldn't get anything going from there.

Senior Tight End Ben Cotton:

On when he felt the lead was insurmountable:
"I'm proud to say this team never gave up. They played their tails off until the end of the game. That's one quality about this team that will never go away. That's the integrity of these guys - we're going to play from whistle to whistle whether we're up or we're down."