Game Four Quotes

Nov. 3, 2006

Michael Freitag, Indiana Head Coach
On the game
"First, I was to congratulate Penn State. They played hard tonight and they've had a tough year with injuries. The coaching staff and the players both get credit for this season. They're a team that won't quit. I think this game really helped us for Sunday. I think it's good to play a hard game. It prepares you for the next game. I'm a perfectionist, so I think there's still stuff we can work on, but we're definitely getting to the point that I think we should be at. Overall, it was a good win."

On Michigan and Ohio State
"I watched both of their games yesterday and I think both are in good form. I think the hottest team right now is Ohio State. They've got senior leadership and good restarts, but I also am very impressed with Michigan. They are a young team that comes ready to play."

On the Big Ten Coach of the Year award
"Honestly, how do you pick a coach of the year? It's my team that earned that award. Am I proud of the work I've done? Yes, of course I am. I know my staff and I have put in a lot of hours."

Darren Yeagle, Indiana freshman forward
On the goal
"I got the ball at the top of the 18. I actually thought about passing it, but I looked up and saw the wide open post. So I put my head down and took the shot and scored. We've been working on shooting in practice this season. So I was confident when I took the shot. At the beginning of the season, I don't know, I would have hesitated."

On the Big Ten Freshman of the Year award
"It was a great honor for me. But I knew I had to come out and prove that I did that award."

Barry Gorman, Penn State Head Coach
On the game
"If we don't get one goal somewhere, teams will inch up on us. We knew the match-up coming in and our numbers were just depleted, especially in our forwards. Mike (Freitag) is coaching them (Indiana) his way. He is getting the players in the form he wants. There are good players on both teams."

Conrad Taylor, Penn State junior goalkeeper
On the Indiana goal
"The throw-in was deep. I put the big guys on the posts and as the ball came in, we tried to head it up. There just weren't enough guys on the ball. It went out and no one stepped in. As soon as the shot came, I didn't see it."