Game Four Quotes

Nov. 3, 2006

2006 Big Ten Men's Soccer Championship
Coaches' Quotes - Semifinals, Friday, November 3, 2006

John Bluem, Ohio State Head Coach

On the game
"It was an exceptionally hard-fought game tonight. I think the last three games Michigan has played probably were the best of the season for them. We were able to score really early in the second half on a very well set-up goal. That was the difference of the game."

On the Big Ten Championship game vs. Indiana
"It's the third time we've been to the final since I've been here. We're delighted to play at home for the Big Ten championship. Being a Big Ten champion is something every athlete here dreams about. Playing it against Indiana makes it even sweeter because they're the best program in our conference. They're the team to beat."

On the possibility of making it into the NCAA Tournament
"I hope that two wins in this tournament and what we've done down the stretch would put us in the NCAA tournament. I hope we have earned an at-large bid, regardless of the result on Sunday."

Eric Brunner, Ohio State junior defender
On the game
"We played really well tonight. We came out pumped up. Michigan is a really good team so it's great to come out with the win."

On the shutout
"It's a great feeling to come out with the shutout. We didn't want to give up any goals and to do that just boosts us more for the Indiana game on Sunday."

Steve Burns, Michigan Head Coach
On the game
"We want to wish Ohio State the best of luck in the championship. They capitalized on the chance for an early goal - and in soccer that's the game. I am proud of how the team played. We are a young team and they did a good job. We are a good team. Now the key is finding ways to go from good to great."

Perica Marosevic, Michigan freshman forward
On playing Ohio State
"It doesn't get much better than when Ohio State and Michigan play each other. Every year it is a great rivalry. It is an honor to play against Ohio State. There is always great competition."

On the game
"It was a rough game. We knew it would be challenging. Ohio State took advantage and we, unfortunately, didn't that the initiative to do the same. But it was a great game."