Faces of the Big Ten

Dec. 19, 2008

1. Born: June 3, 1985

2. Hometown: West Chester, Ohio

3. Nickname: Melly

4. Siblings: younger sister Carly and an older brother Ian

5. Worst habit: procrastination

6. Favorite sports movie: Casino

7. Favorite actor: Tom Cruise, but only when he's jumping up and down on someone's couch.

8. Favorite website: www.blufmusic.com

9. Favorite TV show: Flight of the Conchords

10. Favorite Ninja Turtle: Leonardo

11. Biggest superstition: If I don't walk under a ladder and break a mirror before I start my day something bad will happen. I also enjoy opening umbrellas indoors.

12. Last book I read: Annapurna

13. This is how many text messages I send daily: at least 50

14. Strange talent I have: mind reading

15. Most prized possession of no value: my Ferrari

16. If I could trade places with someone for a day, it would be: the man in the mirror

17. One thing I would need on a deserted island: female companionship

18. If I could have one fantasy date, it would be with: Megan Fox 

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