Buckeyes Win Men's Tennis Tournament

April 30, 2017

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - With a 4-1 victory over second-seeded Michigan, No. 1 seed Ohio State won the 2017 Big Ten Men's Tennis Tournament Sunday afternoon at Purdue’s Schwartz Tennis Center in West Lafayette, Ind. The Buckeyes earned their second-consecutive conference tournament crown and seventh overall.

Ohio State claimed the doubles point and an early 1-0 lead with victories in No. 2 doubles by Hugo Di Feo and Martin Joyce over Runhao Hua and Alex Knight (6-2) and in No. 1 doubles by Herkko Pollanen and Mikael Torpegaard over Connor Johnston and Jathan Malik (6-4).

Claiming singles wins for the Buckeyes were Torpegaard, Di Feo and Pollanen. Di Feo earned a 6-3, 6-3 win over Myles Schalet in No. 3 singles play, while Torpegaard defeated Malik 6-3, 6-1 in No. 1 singles action. Pollanen clinched the match for the Buckeyes with a 6-1, 6-4 win over Hua in No. 5 singles play.

With the win, Ohio State earns the conference's automatic berth to the NCAA Championships, which will take place May 18-29.

The complete match results are included below.

#2 Ohio State 4, #16 Michigan 1

Singles competition

1. #2 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU) def. #80 Jathan Malik (MICH) 6-3, 6-1

2. #123 Alex Knight (MICH) def. #41 JJ Wolf (OSU) 6-3, 6-4

3. #9 Hugo Di Feo (OSU) def. Myles Schalet (MICH) 6-3, 6-3

4. Martin Joyce (OSU) vs. Kevin Wong (MICH) 6-4, 5-4, unfinished

5. Herkko Pollanen (OSU) def. Runhao Hua (MICH) 6-1, 6-4

6. Kyle Seelig (OSU) vs. Carter Lin (MICH) 6-3, 6-6, unfinished

Doubles competition

1. #14 Herkko Pollanen/Mikael Torpegaard (OSU) def. #22 Connor Johnston/Jathan Malik (MICH) 6-4

2. #27 Hugo Di Feo/Martin Joyce (OSU) def. Runhao Hua/Alex Knight (MICH) 6-2



3. Hunter Tubert/JJ Wolf (OSU) vs. Myles Schalet/Kevin Wong (MICH) 4-5, unfinished

Match Notes:

Michigan 22-6, 9-2 Big Ten; National ranking #16

Ohio State 29-3, 11-0 Big Ten; National ranking #2

Order of finish: Doubles (2,1); Singles (1,2,3,5)

Big Ten Men's Tennis Tournament - Championship Match

Match played indoors on the Basham Courts at the Schwartz Tennis Center.