2007 Big Ten Outdoor Track & Field Championships

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The 2007 Big Ten Men's and Women's Outdoor Track & Field Championship will be hosted by Penn State from Friday, May 11 through Sunday, May 13. Tickets are required and details about prices and where to purchase can be found here.

CSTV Highlights (Men) | CSTV Highlights (Women)

Day One - Friday, May 11

Team Standings: Men's | Women's
Recaps: Men's | Women's
Complete Day 1 Results
Time Event
12:00 PM Decathlon 100-meters
12:15 PM Heptathlon 100-meter hurdles
12:45 PM Decathlon long jump
12:50 PM Heptathlon high jump
1:30 PM Men's hammer throw (trials and finals)
1:30 PM Women's pole vault (trials and finals)
2:00 PM Decathlon shot put
2:45 PM Decathlon high jump
2:50 PM Heptathlon shot put
3:30 PM Women's hammer throw (trials and finals)
4:00 PM Heptathlon 200-meters
5:00 PM Decathlon 400-meters
6:30 PM Women's 10,000-meters 
7:15 PM Men's 10,000-meters


Day Two - Saturday, May 12

Team Standings: Men's | Women's
Recaps: Men's | Women's
Complete Day 2 Results



9:30 AM

Decathlon 110-meter hurdles

10:10 AM   Decathlon discus
10:15 AM Heptathlon long jump
11:20 AM Decathlon pole vault
11:30 AM Heptathlon javelin
1:15 PM Decathlon javelin
1:20 PM Men's long jump (trials and finals)
1:45 PM Heptathlon 800-meters
2:15 PM Men's high jump (trials and finals)
3:35 PM Men's discus (trials and finals)
3:20 PM

Women's 4x100 meter (trials)

3:30 PM Women's shot put (trials and finals)
3:40 PM Men's 4x100-meter (trials)
3:50 PM Women's 1500-meters (trials)
4:10 PM Men's 1500-meters (trials)
4:20 PM Decathlon 1500-meters
4:35 PM Women's long jump (trials and finals)
4:40 PM Women's 400-meters (trials)
4:55 PM Men's 400-meters (trials)
5:10 PM Women's 100-meters (trials)
5:20 PM Women's javelin (trials and finals)
5:25 PM Men's 100-meters (trials)
5:40 PM Women's 100-meter hurdles (trials)
5:55 PM Men's 110-meter hurdles (trials)
6:10 PM Women's 800-meters (trials)
6:35 PM Men's 800-meters (trials)
6:45 PM Women's 200-meters (trials)
7:00 PM Men's 200-meters (trials)
7:15 PM Women's 400-meter hurdles (trials)
7:35 PM Men's 400-meter hurdles (trials)
7:50 PM

Women's 3,000-meter steeplechase (finals)

8:05 PM Men's 3,000-meter steeplechase (finals)


Day Three - Sunday, May 13

Final Team Standings: Men's | Women's
Recaps: Men's | Women's
Complete Day 3 Results
Time Event
11:40 AM Women's triple jump (trials and finals)
11:45 AM   Women's discus (trials and finals)
12:30 PM Men's shot put (trials and finals)
12:30 PM Men's pole vault (trials and finals)
12:45 PM Women's 4x100-meter relay (finals)
12:55 PM Men's 4x100-meter relay (finals)
1:05 PM Women's 1500-meters (finals)
1:15 PM Men's 1500-meters (finals)
1:20 PM Women's high jump (trials and finals)
1:25 PM Women's 100-meter hurdles (finals)
1:35 PM Men's 110-meter hurdles (finals)
1:40 PM Women's 400-meters (finals)
1:45 PM Men's 400-meters (finals)
1:50 PM Women's 100-meters (finals)
1:55 PM Men's 100-meters (finals)
2:00 PM Men's triple jump (trials and finals)
2:00 PM Men's javelin (trials and finals)
2:03 PM Women's 800-meters (finals)
2:08 PM Men's 800-meters (finals)
2:18 PM Women's 400-meter hurdles (finals)
2:28 PM Men's 400-meter hurdles (finals)
2:35 PM Women's 200-meters (finals)
2:42 PM Men's 200-meters (finals)
2:49 PM Women's 5000-meters (finals)
3:11 PM Men's 5000-meters (finals)
3:33 PM Women's 4x400-meter relay
3:45 PM Men's 4x400-meter relay