Game One Post-Game Quotes

March 2, 2006

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Head Coach Rene Portland:
Opening statement:
"We're happy to be here one more night on the winning side.  Obviously it was a great game.  We fought very very hard, our kids are patient, and we came up on the winning side."

On Charity Renfro's impact:
"I think she has a great impact on the team.  Not just that she changes our rotation, but thirteen rebounds and her physical play.  That's a role she has on this team." 

On Mashea Williams's defense and the overall team defense:
"Mashea certainly had her hands full guarding Jolene Anderson.  I think she's the best player on our team to play Jolene." 

On the team's patience on offense:
"If we run things all the way through, we can be successful.  We talk to them about being successful, running things through and being real patient."

On playing in the 8/9 seeded game and having energy the rest of the tournament:
"We are going to have to wait and see.  Legs and lack of depth are a real concern of ours, but it's been that way all year.  They just have to push it out as long as they can and hopefully play as hard as they know they can play."
#25 Kamela Gissendanner:
On what it meant to win today:
"We have had our ups and downs this season. Coming into this weekend we just wanted to put all of that behind us for the tournament. We are just going to take one game at a time and try to make a run for the championship."

#3 Brianne O'Rourke
On Wisconsin's run in the beginning of the second half:
"We tried to maintain our composure after Wisconsin came out and made a run. We called a time out to re-group and make it a point to play stronger with better defense. It was all about continuing to play through the run and play together."

On how playing Ohio State in their final regular season game will help them this weekend:
"The last game of the season definitely motivated us going into this weekend. We wanted to play Ohio State for a third time so we are definitely looking forward to tomorrow."



Wisconsin Head Coach Lisa Stone
On Wisconsin's defensive effort: 
"When we score, we're good defenders.  That's youth right there.  I was the same way; if I made a shot, I was the first one back on defense.  We get excited when we score.  Once we figure out its possessions and not just shots, we'll be better off."

On the start of the second half:
"Our defense picked it up.  We had a tremendous start to the second half.  We responded.  My halftime speech from a home game two weeks ago was like this one.  I just want to get excited and get them going.  We did a lot of good things against their defense, but for us it was slowing them down."

Thoughts on the season overall:
"Our season is very indicative of this game.  So close, yet so far away.  I would like to say our record doesn't reflect how good this team is, but you look at some of the losses and how close they were.  The bottom line is you need results in the left side of the column. We do have a young team to build with though that is talented."

On Jolene Anderson reaching 1,000 points:
"It's a great credit to her.  She's a great player.  As she goes into her junior year, we hope she puts up another 1,000 points in the next two years.  To do that she's going to have to adjust her game, not change it.  We need people to support her, and she needs to develop a mid-range game and start going left more."

Jordan Wilson
On the end of the season...
"It's difficult to realize that this is the end of our season. We are supposed to be practicing and continuing to play. It is hard to realize that this is the last time some of us will be putting on the Wisconsin uniform. It hurts a lot to know this is the end."

Jolene Anderson
On the second half...
"We came out of the locker room knowing we had to be ready. We realized that we still had twenty minutes of basketball to play and we were going to be ready for it. Unfortunately, Penn State made a lot of tough shots and that was the difference."

On reaching 1,000 points...
"It was a bittersweet accomplishment. I wasn't even thinking about the mark. I came into the game with one goal, to beat Penn State. Even though it was a major accomplishment, I was focused on getting the win."

Janese Banks
On the defensive play of Penn State...
"We weren't seeing things today the way we were seeing them during our winning streak. We didn't play the way that we played Penn State last time. As for getting my fifth foul, I was going for the ball and I was trying to be aggressive. Unfortunately, this didn't work out."