Illinois-Northwestern Postgame Quotes

March 2, 2006

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Theresa Grentz
Opening Statement:
"We played one today where we had to keep pulling and getting it, and you have to give Northwestern a whole lot of credit.  They didn't fold, they kept coming back, they kept making shots, but we were able to do it in the end. "

On her team believing they can win against Purdue:
"Purdue is very good, let's face it, they are very talented.  They are the same size; they can switch everything on defense.  They have go-to players who are very composed.  They have been in a ton of games this year where it's came down to the end, and they have found a way to win.  They've done it on the road and at home.  But on any given day, anything can happen.  And that's where I have to take our team and get a win tomorrow."

On the team finishing out today's game:
"It's the little things.  We had a few fast breaks where we threw the ball away.  Those plays must be converted.  There are little mistakes we don't always recognize, that we need to recognize, in order to win the big game."

On the team's 21 turnovers in today's game:
"We committed turnovers that caused problems for us.  We have to break out of that.  However, when we were floundering, we able to right the ship by playing good defense."

#32 Danyel Crutcher
On today's win:
"This game was very important to us. We needed to stay focused and get an early lead. It's not good to play catch up with teams in the Big Ten. We had a nice run in the end that provided a good cushion."

On success down low:
"The guards were having a hard time finding an open shot so we helped them out down low. As a team we have each other's back. It's the same if the posts were having a hard time getting open, we know that the guards would pick up the slack."



#20 Lori Bjork:
On the success of the posts scoring:
"By getting the ball down low to a big post player it took the pressure off the guards to score. To get the ball down low and get a quick easy basket like that creates confidence in all of us."


Head Coach Beth Combs
Opening Statement:
"I'm very proud of what this team has accomplished.  The way we fought is indicative of how far we've come since the beginning of the season.  We expended a lot of energy playing catch-up and coming from behind.  I'm proud of what this team did this season."

On not capitalizing on Illinois' turnovers:
"It was huge.  Not being able to take advantage of that comes back to haunt you.  It kept us from capitalizing on the runs we made and problems escalated from that.  We can't have one person step up in a game and then have everyone stand around and watch her."

On trying to stop Illinois' Danyel Crutcher and Erin Wigley:
"They're great players.  We don't have that kind of size.  They were there when Illinois made its run and were there down the stretch."

On senior Ifeoma Okonkwo's last game:
"We're going to miss her.  She's a great player and it's been a privilege to coach her the last two years.  I think this is a great indication of where we are.  We need others to step up instead just having one player score 26 points."

No. 20 Ifeoma Okonkwo
On her stretches of scoring:
"I wanted to win and advance to the second round. I did not want to see my last game played tonight. When I left the court with 16 seconds left, I couldn't believe it was over."

#02 A.J. Glasauer
On her trouble scoring:
"I was disappointed in my own performance. I did not make the baskets that I should have made. I realize that other players needed to step up to win this game, especially me."