Iowa-Michigan Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament Quotes

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Michigan- Head Coach- Cheryl Burnett
Opening statement:

"We knew going in we had to play a really great basketball game. We talked about it being March Madness, having a lot of emotion, and playing hard. We knew we had to keep Iowa off the offensive boards and we ended up with one more offensive rebound than they did. We have to take a good look at our two seniors and what they've done for us. They gave us great leadership, great energy, and great confidence."

On the team's hustle: 
"At some point in the game we were really going to get ourselves back into it or we're really going to get ourselves out of it. It's a little misleading, because we're really getting back in the game and then it busts wide open due to some of the things they're doing well, but we're going to go after it. That's just how I coach. I'm proud of our kids for as hard as they're playing, and that was definitely something we've emphasized coming into this game. We had to block them out, because they do have a major size advantage and I think they're a great rebounding team."

On the lessons the team learned this season:
"There are so many things we've learned because of the youth on our team. All year, I've looked at four freshmen on the court a lot of the time. There is so much learning with that, but the thing we as coaches are appreciating so much is the foundation of the learning. Playing hard is a very big element of that, defense is a very big element of that, and with the kind of offense we run, we basically teach the players what to call against certain defenses.  It's the foundation of learning, and it will really be the first time for me at Michigan to go in with a great base of learning."

Michigan-Forward-Tabitha Poole
On leading her teammates on the court:

"I just tried to keep a positive attitude throughout the whole game and show leadership to the younger players."



On her leadership to the underclassmen:
"I want everybody to know that they can be a leader if they work hard and give it their all every time they step on the floor."

Michigan- Forward- BreAnne McPhilamy
On the emotion of playing her last game:

"I don't think it's totally sunk in yet. Obviously, there is a lot of emotion in the locker room. We have a young team so a lot of them don't understand right now what it feels like for us, but they're very supportive of us and appreciate what we've done."

On leaving Michigan on a career game:
"Obviously, it's nice to go out on a career high, but we didn't get the win so it's still kind of frustrating. My teammates did a great job of getting me the ball. It's nice, but it is not the way we wanted it to end."