Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament: Game Four Quotes

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Ohio State- Head Coach- Jim Foster
On the team's ball movement:

"I thought our ball movement was pretty good for the most part, but we had a couple little blips. It was good playing against a team with changing defenses because some players were trying to make plays when they didn't have to, and it's a good teaching point. We just went with the flow of what they were doing when they changed, and if we made a couple extra passes, we would get a great shot."

On playing Wisconsin:
"I think this was a good game for us to play because Wisconsin plays hard and we had to defend certain parts of it's offense in a very aggressive manner. I think Caity (Matter) alluded to that point that we have to work in the framework of our defensive principles, and adjust to make good decisions. It is good to play against a team that's going to change defenses like that. This was a game, where more often you see things, the better you get."

On guard Ashley Allen:
"I love the fact that we got a fourth player in double figures. Ashley (Allen) took advantage of a couple possessions, and took two very good threes. She attacked the basket in an aggressive fashion, which allowed her to become another threat on the court."

Ohio State-Jessica Davenport-Center
On amount of shots in the first half:
"I think it was a matter of time for us taking our time and moving the ball. My part was just getting deep in position and making myself available as a big target for my teammates."

Ohio State- Caity Matter- Guard
On shutting down Anderson:

"She's a big part of that team. Going in we knew she was going to be a focus of our defensive efforts. But we were just aggressive and stayed with them offensively and we did a good job with that."

Ohio State- Ashley Allen- Guard:
On how the team played:

"Considering the fact they continued to change defenses, I think that we handled it pretty well. Adjustments that we need to make are taking care of the ball when we see a different defense and make that our focus as far as taking care of the ball. I'm not sure how many turnovers we had, but I'm sure a lot of them were unforced."



Wisconsin-Head Coach-Lisa Stone
Opening statement:

"Our basketball team was down 21-5 and we could have quit, but we didn't. We had tremendous character and didn't quit. Ohio State is a great team, and they are worthy of their national rankings. They have so many weapons, in particular Jessica Davenport. We did a pretty good job on her in the first half, and for the most part we did a lot of great things. My hats off to Ohio State, they are a tremendous team. They are going to go very deep in the tournament, and are capable of winning a national championship."

On defensive style:
"The first time we played them at our place, Jessica Davenport had 36 or 38 points and was way too much for us to handle. She had a few drop steps to the basket because we fully face fronted her. Today, we went post-to-post double and it was effective. She split the defense a couple of times, but our main goal was to make her shoot over us. I thought we had a great game plan, but we didn't have enough steam today."

On building a program:
"To be in the Big Ten tournament and win a double overtime game is a huge step for us. I think it is imperative that our team continues to learn from the path the seniors paved for us. All our players will be working with our strength and conditioning coach, and the player workouts will be much more spirited. The nucleus coming back is young and exciting with high expectations."

Wisconsin - Ebba Gebisa - Forward
On her final game as a Badger:

"I think it's very emotional. As a player you don't want to see this day come. Obviously I am really going to miss this game, especially being part of this team. My teammates and coaches, the whole experience has been so memorable. I feel so blessed because I have learned so much from this entire experience."

Wisconsin - Janese Banks - Guard
On playing two physical games:
"I don't think it effected us. After yesterdays game we just went back and relaxed. I don't think it had anything to do with today's performance. We just came up against a great team. I think this team battled today and our coach prepared us as well as she knew how to. I think every player left it on the court. Afterwards we're feeling the exhaustion, but as far as the game goes we just played off of our energy and wanted to play the full 40 minutes."