Big Ten Tournament Game Five Quotes

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Minnesota - Head Coach - Pam Borton
Opening Statement:

"I thought this was very well played and a very even match. That's what a No. 4 and 5 seed game should look like in a tournament. I give a lot of credit to Purdue. They came out ready to play and they were swinging out punches to the very end and they definitely deserve to get into the NCAA Tournament with the way they've progressed throughout the year. I give a lot of credit to our kids as well. They showed a lot of heart to find a way to win this basketball game and getting stops."

On second-half defense:
"I thought Katie Geralds was getting some good looks and Sharika Webb, shot six for 10, which is good for her. I thought they (Purdue) hit a lot of tough shots inside, but I thought our defense was good. Shannon Bolden was chasing Geralds for 40 minutes. Purdue's been very successful at this tournament in the past and they came ready to play today."

On a sense of urgency:
"I think every team here at this tournament has a sense of desperation. I talked to Kristy (Curry) who felt that they needed to win this game in order to be a lock for the tournament. I think anyone who comes into the conference tournament or even the NCAAs, plays with a sense of urgency. It's a one and done situation. For us, we are trying to get the best seed possible in the NCAA tournament."

Minnesota - Forward  - Jamie Broback
On making the game tying shot and free throw:

"When we were down 65-60 with two minutes left to go, right then we knew we had to make a play. I think we got some good stops that we needed to get. This whole week in practice, I have been trying to work on finishing strong, and I made the shot and the free throw and that felt good."

Minnesota - Center - Janel McCarville
On the last play:

"In the timeout, we talked about it and we knew they were going to her [Katie Geralds]. We knew they were going to set a screen or some sort of play for her. [Shannon] Bolden got hit on it and I read it and switched off to her and did everything I could to not let her get that shot off. She got it off and it had a pretty good chance of going in. It was a good play for them and luckily for us it rimmed out."



On taking command
"I didn't call it, coach Borton did. She told me she wanted me taking more shots and to go to the basket more, and that's essentially what I did. They we're playing us single coverage and they weren't doubling anybody. I was able to get the ball in good position and score."

Purdue - Head Coach - Kristy Curry
Opening statement:

"I am just proud of my team. We fought and battled all day long and they played their guts out. Sometimes it just doesn't go your way. I told them that I loved them and I was really proud of them. Now we have to sit around and throw up a prayer that we get in the NCAA Tournament. I think we are playing good basketball at the right time of the year."

On preparing for the NCAA Tournament:
"We are going to come out and get better. We are going to practice all week and get after it. Our goal is to end the year in Indianapolis, if we get the opportunity. I think you see a Minnesota team that is like us a year ago, which ended up in the Final Four. We are going to approach it like a brand new season, and if it doesn't go our way, we are going to be better from practicing all week."

On confidence from today's game:
"I think our future is definitely bright, whether that is here (Indianapolis) in March or down the road a year from now. Our kids are playing their best basketball right now. There is a lot of positive energy, and we are much improved."

Purdue - Guard - Katie Gearlds
On the last play:

"We were trying to get a stagger-screen, so I could come off and get a shot from the top of the key. It kind of broke down a little bit, and (Janel) McCarville came out and trapped, which made me lose the ball a little bit. I had to throw up a prayer, but honestly it felt good coming off. It probably didn't look like the best shot, but it felt good. I thought I gave it a chance, but it just didn't fall."

On today's game:
"It's disappointing. I'm so proud of the way we played. I thought we showed a lot of effort down the stretch, but the ball just didn't bounce our way. Sharika (Webb) had a floater that bounced out, and Emily (Heikes) had a layup that went in and out.  I am proud of the way we fought. Like coach said, we have to sit around and pray to the committee that we get in."

Purdue - Center - Emily Heikes
On guarding Minnesota's Broback and McCarville:

"They're great players. We struggled with them with the high-low game today. It's difficult to guard with a high-low because everyone else is spread out. I definitely didn't put enough pressure on (Janel) McCarville or any of the other post players that played."

Purdue - Forward - Erin Lawless
On waiting to hear from NCAA Selection Committee:

"It will be a different week. We just want to hope and pray that we get in. We're just going to keep going, and keep practicing, and get some things done. I think we have improved tremendously throughout the season and we proved that today. We will just have to sit around and hope and pray we get in."