Game Seven Quotes

March 3, 2006

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Indiana Head Coach Sharon Versyp:
Opening statement:
"It's obvious this is a huge win for these young ladies and our program at Indiana.  We really tried to focus on some things to take away from Minnesota.  We executed the game plan and made every goal that we set.  I'm proud of this group.  Minnesota is one of the toughest teams we've had to play against this year.  We were just ready to play today, and we did some really good things."

On the defensive effort:
"It was everything I hoped it would be.  This year we really have played good team defense.  We tried to hassle (Minnesota) and take some things away.  Our kids were moving, our arms were moving, and we had so much energy which probably surprised people considering we played last night.  But we really play with a lot of passion and heart.  We just flustered (Minnesota) a little bit, and it kind of just built from there."

On getting ready for Purdue:
"We will get some rest and get energized.  Then it's up to my staff and I to get that focus, and practice tomorrow to prepare like we did today.  If we are mentally fresh, it won't be a physical practice, but it's all about the mental edge right now."

On the Indiana vs. Purdue match up:
"I think it's great for our state that Indiana and Purdue are in the semifinal.  But I don't get into the mind games.  We are just going to play a great basketball team on Sunday.  They have incredible tradition and history, and we are going to go out and battle.  I think it's going to be a great crowd; it will be a great environment, and that will be very beneficial to this tournament."

Whitney Thomas
On playing Minnesota's post players tonight:
"I've been going against Carrie Smith everyday, so it wasn't much different.  I also had help from my teammates.  We wanted to take away their guards and put pressure on them, so the post play had to be good."



Nikki Smith
On looking ahead in the Big Ten Tournament and possibly the NCAA Tournament:
"We're not really thinking about the NCAA Tournament right now.  We're going to take it one day at a time.  This is our post season right now.  We were only thinking about Minnesota after we beat Michigan.  Purdue's a tough team and we had two hard games against them.  We're going to enjoy this win and then tomorrow work on beating Purdue."

On the flow of the game and her role tonight:
"I think in such an intense game it's going to be back-and-forth.  Everyone's nerves are going the first couple of minutes.  Cyndi (Valentin) does a great job setting up shooters.  I know my role and when I'm open, I'm going to shoot.  Luckily, tonight I got some open looks and knocked them down.

Jenny DeMuth
On what Indiana did differently from the first two times the team played Minnesota:
"We changed up our defense a lot more.  The first two times we played them we really didn't change our defense that much.  Our ball pressure on the guards was amazing; our post play was tremendous.  All around we played with heart and got after it."

Minnesota Head Coach Pam Borton:
On the team's performance:
"Tonight's game was a very disappointing display of basketball, especially since we are at the Big Ten Tournament. You can't shoot 31 percent and turnover the ball 20 times in March, and expect to win. I have to give Indiana credit; they were the more aggressive and tough team tonight."

On Minnesota's slow play each half:
"We had a tough time scoring. We got the ball low but missed easy lay ups. Defensively we were holding them, but defense can only hold on so long before the dam breaks; we just couldn't score on the other end."

On the play of Minnesota's guards:
"The problem wasn't getting into our offense; it was our inability to put the ball in the basket. The traveling calls and turnovers on the baseline did not help us either. It was disappointing that it was our juniors and seniors that were turning the ball over."

On the team's mindset after this game and going into the NCAA Tournament:
"To get back into the right mindset we need to practice; we need to play and work hard. The team knows they need to step it up both mentally and physically. We will learn from this; this will make us better."