Minnesota Quotes From Big Ten Tournament Semifinal Press Conference

2005 Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament Semifinal Quotes

Pam Borton, Head Coach
Opening Statement:
"We're excited to be playing in the semi finals. As everybody knows, it's the first time in the history of the program. We're very excited for the program that we were able to do that this year. We're excited about being able to play Ohio State tomorrow afternoon."

On progressing through the season:
"Our team is getting better as the season goes on. We talked as a team and as a staff and we know that we're going to get better and better as the season goes, because we're such a young team. Even last night we got better. Our kids showed resolve and came back from behind."

Benefits of having a day off:
"Of course it helps. It's another day of rest and preparation. On the other hand, it breaks up the momentum of the Tournament atmosphere. Every other conference played back-to-back-to-back. Conference tournaments are usually played three days in a row. We have to take the positives; we can't dwell on the negatives."

On Penn State coach Rene Portland and her 25 years there:
"I think she has been a pioneer in women's basketball. She's one of those we younger coaches have looked up to for last few decades. She has really helped the game progress to where it is. She is one of those people who we look at as someone who has done a lot for the game. I hope she stays in it for another 25 years."

Janel McCarville, Center
On playing against Jessica Davenport:

"She is a very physical, strong player and you can't push her around too much because she holds her ground well. She has a very physically sound game and has really developed. We'll need to do anything to get her out of her rhythm."

On playing Ohio State:
"We watched the tape on them from the last time we played, so we have some ideas on what we can do differently. We know were going to have to throw some new things at them, but our game plan is going to be basically the same."

Shannon Schonrock, Guard
On the athletic guards at Ohio State:
"They have some of the best guards in the Big Ten. They present a lot of problems being so athletic and physical. We have to be ready for their pressure. Having seen them before and watching film, we know we have to be ready."

Jamie Broback, Guard/Forward
On yesterday's physical game:

"The Big Ten is a rough conference and every game is going to be physical. Going into yesterday's game, we knew that the more physical team was going to win. You have to expect that from every game. No game is going to be easy, especially on the road. You are going to have to play hard and just be tough."

Last meeting with Ohio State:
"Obviously that wasn't a game I was proud of. We didn't shoot well and our defense wasn't the best, however going in tomorrow's game, I think we all have a lot more confidence."