Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament Blog - GAME 7

March 7, 2008

FRIDAY'S NIGHTCAP: This evening's final game features the No. 4 seed Minnesota Golden Gophers (20-10, 11-7 Big Ten) and the No. 5 seed Michigan State Spartans (18-12, 10-8). Tip-off is scheduled for approximately 8:20 p.m. ET.

8:23 p.m. ET: The ball is in the air and we are off and away!

1st, 15:39, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 5, Michigan State 4

1st, 11:59, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 6, Minnesota 5
We are off to a slow start here in the nightcap. Michigan State is 2-of-8 (.250) and Minnesota is 1-of-13 (.008) from the field. Both teams have combined for 11 points and nine turnovers in the first eight minutes of the game.

1st, 7:47, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 10, Minnesota 7
Things have not been much better over the past four minutes. Minnesota is 1-of-20 from the field. That is 5 percent. The Spartans are 3-of-11 (.273).

1st, 2:39, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 10, Minnesota 7
OK, so things have been a little better. In the last four minutes of play, the two teams have combined to score 19 points. They combined for 17 in the first 12 minutes of the game. Updated numbers: MINN - 5-of-25 (.250), MSU - 4-of-17 (.235).

1st, 0:28.5, TIMEOUT (MINN): Michigan State 23, Minnesota 23

1st, 0:00.4, TIMEOUT (MSU): Michigan State 23, Minnesota 23

HALFTIME: Michigan State 23, Minnesota 23
Twenty minutes down, 20 to go. We are tied at halftime and both teams are probably turning this into a 0-0 tie and they now have 20 minutes to win a game. Minnesota was 6-of-27 (.222) shooting, while MSU was 5-of-21 (.238). Michigan State's Brittney Thomas leads all scorers with 8 points, while Minnesota is paced by Kay Sylva with 6.

2nd, 15:09, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Michigan State 27, Minnesota 27
Minnesota's shooting woes continue. The Gophers are 8-of-36 (.222) overall. Michigan State's Brittney Thomas has hit double-digit scoring with 10 points on the night. Session 3 attendance was just announced. A ttoal of 6,936 strong attended the evening session -- the third-highest session 3 mark in tournament history.



2nd, 11:28, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 35, Michigan State 32

2nd, 10:35, TIMEOUT (MSU): Minnesota 37, Michigan State 32
Minnesota has earned its biggest lead of the game. Brittany McCoy has tallied 8 points, 5 boards and 3 assists, but also has 3 fouls. Zoe Harper has 7 points and 3 rebounds and Emily Fox has 5 points and 2 caroms.

2nd, 7:44, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 39, Michigan State 35
Despite poor shooting nights on both end, each team has been steady at the free-throw line. Michigan State is 13-of-17 (.765), while Minnesota is 10-of-16 (.625).

2nd, 3:55, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Minnesota 45, Michigan State 41
MSU is fighting back and has drawn within two points on two different occasions this span. Michigan State has committed 8 fouls compared to Minnesota's 4.

2nd, 2:22: Minnesota 47, Michigan State 47

2nd, 2:04, TIMEOUT (MINN): Minnesota 49, Michigan State 47

2nd, 1:35, TIMEOUT (MINN): Michigan State 50, Minnesota 49

2nd, 0:53.2, TIMEOUT (MSU): Michigan State 53, Minnesota 49
A big 3-pointer by Michigan State has electrified the crowd remaining in Conseco. MSU has 10 team fouls; Minnesota has 8.

2nd, 0:40.9, TIMEOUT (MSU): Michigan State 53, Minnesota 51

2nd, 0:09.7, TIMEOUT (MINN): Michigan State 54, Minnesota 51
MSU at the line for 2 free throws.

FINAL: Michigan State 56, Minnesota 51
Another team not exactly locked into the NCAA Tournament has lived to see another day. After a first half full of struggles, Michigan State answered with a second-half effort that saw three players reach double-figure scoring. Brittney Thomas had a game-high 17 points, followed by Mia Johnson and Alyssa DeHaan with 12 apiece. Minnesota was led by Zoe Harper with 11 points.