Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament Blog - GAME 8

March 8, 2008

Today's first matchup features the No. 2 Iowa Hawkeyes (21-9, 13-5) vs. the No. 3 Purdue Boilermakers (16-14, 11-7).


  • 1996 Semifinals: #4 Purdue 76, #1 Iowa 68
  • 1998 Semifinals: #5 Purdue 61, #1 Iowa 60
  • 2001 Finals: #2 Iowa 75, #1 Purdue 70
  • 2003 Semifinals: #3 Purdue 84, #7 Iowa 57
  • Clearly these two teams are no strangers to one another in the tournament. Interestingly, the 1996 event was the lone tournament in which the winner did not go on to win the championship.

    A LOOK AT THIS YEAR'S SERIES: These two teams split on the season with Iowa taking a 69-53 home victory over Purdue on Jan. 24 and Purdue earning a 59-46 home decision on Feb. 14.

    6:00 p.m. ET: We are ready for the lineups and the tip!

    1st, 16:10, TIMEOUT (PUR): Iowa 11, Purdue 4
    Iowa has been helped by two 3-pointers early on. Versyp calls a quick 30-second timeout.

    1st, 15:49, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Iowa 11, Purdue 4

    1st, 11:49, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Iowa 18, Purdue 9
    Iowa is playing with a great deal of intensity right now on both ends of the floor. The Hawkeyes are 6-of-12 from the floor and have a strong fan contingent constantly on its feet. The Hawkeyes had a lead as large as nine points (15-6). Smith is 3-of-3 from the perimeter and has a team high nine points.

    1st, 10:54, TIMEOUT (PUR): Iowa 22, Purdue 9
    Purdue still has not been able to find its stride today. Versyp calls yet another 30 second timeout to talk things over.

    1st, 6:48, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Iowa 28, Purdue 15
    Iowa has been able to maintain its 13-point lead throughout the past span of action. Purdue will score a basket and Iowa will march right down the floor and answer.

    1st, 6:00, TIMEOUT (IOWA): Iowa 28, Purdue 20
    Here come the Boilers! In a span of 48 seconds, Purdue has scored five quick points, prompting Iowa's Lisa Bluder to call a 30-second timeout of her own.



    1st, 3:49, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Iowa 31, Purdue 27
    Purdue has mounted its comeback snd has regained the momentum in the game. The Boilers have stepped up the intensity on defense and have forced three turnovers in the span. Iowa has outscored Purdue 12-3 since the last media timeout.

    HALFTIME: Iowa 38, Purdue 35
    We are at halftime and credit Purdue for making this a game near the end of the first 20 minutes. During the middle portion of the first half, Purdue could not close in on Iowa's 13-point lead. Now the Boilers are within three. At the half, the game has two scoring leaders -- Iowa's Kristi Smith and Purdue's Kalika France -- with 11 points apiece. Iowa is shooting 59 percent (13-of-22) right now, while Purdue is whooting 41 percent (14-of-34).

    2nd, 15:13, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Iowa 48, Purdue 46
    We have seen a lot more scoring in the first four minutes of the second half than we did in the first four minutes of the first half. Roughly 10 points for each team. This will be a battle.

    2nd, 14:36: Iowa 48, Purdue 48
    Purdue has tied the game!!!

    2nd, 13:12: Purdue 52, Iowa 51
    Kiki Freeman hits a jumper to give the Boilermakers their first lead of the game.

    2nd, 11:54, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Purdue 53, Iowa 52
    We have ourselves a game. Purdue's Keshia Mosley and Kalika France lead all team scorers with 16 and 13 points, respectively. Purdue is 50 percent from the field this half on 7-of-14 shooting. Iowa's Johanna Solverson leads the Hawkeyes with 15 points, while Smith has 11.

    2nd, 7:23, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Iowa 62, Purdue 60
    Here's the stat of the game for you... TURNOVERS. Iowa has 16. Purdue has three. That is how the Boilermakers have gotten back in this game.

    2nd, 4:25, TIMEOUT (INJURY): Purdue 69, Iowa 63
    Potential worst-case scenario for Iowa. Sixth-year senior Johnanna Solverson just went down to the floor with an apparent knee injury. Those who have followed women's basketball know that Solverson has twice torn her ACL. We did a feature on her earlier this season, which can be found here. A nice piece of sportsmanship was shown as she left the court under assistance of Iowa trainers. Nearly the entire crowd stood up and applauded her efforts. Hopefully the serious injury bug has not hit Iowa yet again.

    2nd, 4:10, TIMEOUT (IOWA): Purdue 69, Iowa 63

    2nd, 3:38, TIMEOUT (MEDIA): Purdue 69, Iowa 63

    2nd, 2:01, TIMEOUT (IOWA): Purdue 73, Iowa 63
    Purdue has taken over the game, now on a 13-1 run. We all anticipated this game to go down to the wire, but Iowa's 18 turnovers to Purdue's 4 have proven to be way too much. The Boilermakers have recorded 23 points over the Hawkeye turnovers.

    2nd, 1:17, TIMEOUT (PUR): Purdue 74, Iowa 63
    Purdue has now scored the most points in a BTT semifinal game since No. 2 Michigan State defeated No. 3 Penn State 83-76 in 2005.

    2nd, 0:30.1, TIMEOUT (IOWA): Purdue 78, Iowa 71
    Purdue has this one locked up. On another note, it's good to see a strong showing of Ohio State fans still here. Not that they had a choice. Marty Bannister, the play-by-play voice on the Buckeyes' radio team, said he heard 20 inches of snow fell in the Columbus area last night.

    2nd, 0:09.9, TIMEOUT (IOWA): Purdue 79, Iowa 73

    FINAL: Purdue 80, Iowa 73
    Hand it to the Purdue Boilermakers...they are making their 10th Big Ten Tournament final appearance in 13 years. Purdue is now 27-7 all-time in the event's history. Danielle Campbell led all Boilers and players with a game-high 20 points, while teammates France and Malone had 16 and 15 points, respectively. Iowa's Kristi Smith totaled 19 points for the Hawkeyes and Solverson netted 16 before she left with a knee injury.